Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Attempting breathing

Breathing is not some wild concept, and yet it's one of the things that I struggle to do consistently. It's partially because of anxiety but there's also asthma to consider.

Anyways, sitting trot & breathing just don't tend to mix for me (while we're here, I don't breathe during Russian twists either). I rode Carlos in my lesson last week, and while he's an ok ride, he does make me a bit anxious. The breathing was an attempt at making the ride go a little bit smoother, and it did. Next step is to, like, keep breathing.

Miracles are possible, but they don't appear in one lesson. I did get stiff at some point, so our canter wasn't as good as it could be. His transitions are getting better and more relaxed. When we went to jump, he was more forward than usual, so I got even more tense. He was fine to bring back down after the jump, but I'd prefer the distance not get closer at an exponential rate.

Carlos' training bra
I swapped on to Blake after Carlos and we popped over the same two fences. It was ok but could be significantly better. I'm feeling more comfortable over the fence, but there needs to be some finessing overall. Good thing I only show on the flat during the school year.

Leaving me in the dust

Friday, February 10, 2017

Oops, I did it again

See, I told myself that I would try to keep up with posts once the semester started but, HA, nah. Fortunately, this isn't as bad as the fall when I posted all of five times in September, and they were all clustered into a short time span. I did put an effort in this time around and scheduled posts. Trust me, I'm trying.

Anyways, per the vlog, team lessons started last week, and ya girl is not ready to lose her sanity every Friday. I'm trying to get my discussion section moved to Monday or Wednesday instead so I can actually make use of my Friday mornings.

The Great Lochness
Minus the rush both before and after the lesson, it was okay. Just flat. Laid back. Lots of swapping. I'm blessed to only have three other people to ride with this semester. Things are looking bright.

I started on Nessie who was fun just slow. Chestnut mare could not be bothered. Then I swapped onto Cooler who was a hot head as usual. Carlos was having a time and near ran off with me. Never have I ever relied so much on the outside rein. I finished on Blake who was in such a nice mood he gave me the Good Canter™.

Also gave me sass, but ok
After the lesson, I took my butt to studio and got hashed out by my TA again. I had my fourth desk crit on Monday, and while each one gets better, one starts to wonder if the buildings are worth it.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fashion Thursday: Take a lesson with this lumberjack who also cares about the bees

Take a lesson with this lumberjack who also cares about the bees

1. Men's Honey Bee Watch
2. Superdry Rookie Plaid Shirt
3. Norris Horween Leather Belt
4. One K™ Defender Matte Helmet
5. Ariat Volant Tall Front Zip
6. B Vertigo Men's Felix Breeches
7. Kentucky Sheepskin Half Pad Absorb

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Vlog #9: Friday's Suck

Watch me tack up an angry chestnut mare, and take a peek at my first studio project.

Song: Dreams by Manhat10

Filmed 2/3/17

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fashion Thursday: Like Candy

Like Candy

1. The Gallop To Greatness Pink Polka Dot Pony Sweatshirt
2. The Gallop to Greatness Ice Cream Pony Sweatshirt
3. Fix Design Alcantara Beige Knee Patch Breeches
4. White House Black Market Pink Skinny Belt
5. Barney's Maison Boinet Belt
6. Tricoastal Stockholm Spiral Notebook
7. Wilker's Hunter/Jumper Baby Pad
8. Fix Design Alcantara Blue Knee Patch Breeches
9. Wilker's Hunter/Jumper Half Pad
10. Glitter Jump Bat
11. Kentucky Horsewear Half Pad Absorb
12. Torpol Active Basic Half Pad
13. Joe's USA Baseball Belt
14. Horze Darrel Jumping Bat
15. Eclat Rose Dressage Whip

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Begin Again

Ah yes, another semester of suffering.

Today marked my official start of architecture studio. I'm excited but also terrified; I watched fellow students and brothers go through junior and senior studio last semester. It was a trip, I'll tell you that. My less important classes will begin tomorrow, but one of them already has a reading to do before the first day. I also don't know when I'm going to get the book for one of my other architecture classes. Fun times, folks.

The eq team had their first meeting yesterday. I'm pretty sure we've officially hit the 40 member mark, which is insane. We also got the lesson schedule, and I am on Fridays at 11am, which means I have to book it out of my 9am class that ends at 10. Also means I'll be wearing riding clothing early in the morning then have to bathe and change before studio at 2pm. I'm praying that we get back on time.

already miss the old man
I've put together a regular workout schedule, but since I got back on Sunday and didn't have class until today, I kinda haphazardly went to the gym these past couple of days. It's less me needing to work out and more me needing to keep myself occupied. I rested on Sunday night then did two workouts on Monday. The morning was mainly cardio and some abs. The evening was more cardio, then legs, but I didn't have my brace, and my left knee was not having it.

Tuesday was cardio, arms, and some legs. Basically, I can't feel my legs right now, and I don't imagine I'll be able to feel them again anytime soon. I did more arms this morning. I'm in this weird place where I feel exhausted and unable to do more when I'm in the gym, but the lack of tightness afterwards tells me that, nah, I didn't do enough. I just wanna be buff.

After some really wacky interval training
Also, push ups. Every workout has push ups.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Like an episode of House Hunters

If you've watched House Hunters, you know how an episode typically goes: a client (usually a couple) is looking to buy a house with amenities that include but are not limited to:
  • a large kitchen
  • "open concept" (Le Corbusier ruined architecture with this term)
  • large master suite with walk in closets and TWO sinks in the bathroom
  • a large yard
  • other assorted large items
  • updated appliances
  • etc.
And then their budget is the monetary equivalent of the burnt edges on baked mac & cheese: good, but not sufficient.

image from Sizzle
Sticker shock is a real thing, and it applies to leasing horses as well. My list of "amenities" didn't seem long: jumps 3'0", schools first level, at least 15.2hh, some show experience, and an owner willing to do an off site lease for no more than $300 per month. Not much, right? Well, the equivalent in terms of homes would be like trying to find a mold free studio apartment right next to Time Square with a parking space included. All for the same price.

"lmao, you cray"
I eventually struck almost everything on that list and was set up to try two mares when I got home over winter break. In an odd twist of events, the end of 2016 saw some redemption. I was standing in line at Cafe Rio, right after a really good lesson, when Miss El texted me about Silver. I let her know that I was interested and planned to try him on the same day I was trying the other mares.

Then, by chance, I ended up riding him the day after I got home.

And then I cancelled the other trials because it wasn't getting any better than Silvie.

I had my hesitations with him, but my hesitations with the other two were much more pertinent, and one of them gave me worries about the facility owner. So, while there isn't a nice, fancy warmblood waiting to be shipped to my home town in May, I got this old, ornery, ass kicker instead.

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