Tubby getting chubby

The weather is just . . . thoroughly not on my side. We've officially hit the time of year where it's either blazing hot or pouring. I am slowly getting used to it, and I've made a commitment to go to the barn every day after work at least to see all the horses and do some handywork. My hours are going up in the fall to 24 per week instead of 16, and after talking to my boss, he's said that I can just start working more hours now. We have at least one big project that'll be moving forward and potentially another multi-million dollar project if we can get the numbers to work. Fingers, toes, eyes, and stars are crossed!

Needless to say, Lucie hasn't been getting as much time out of the stall. I know she's still in lessons right now, but she's only used for up-downers doing basic stuff. Outside of me and her other leaser, no one rides her seriously, and apparently her other leaser also hasn't been riding much lately. Again, the weather. With all this i…

Burrowing Owls

So it appears that several of you are part time ornithologists. As a gift, here are the owls!

Product Review: TuffRider Pull-On Knee Patch Breeches

This isn't one of my normal product reviews, but I've noticed something about myself since the start of quarantine. For a couple weeks, I was the only one in my office, which meant that I could wear basically whatever I wanted. Obviously I wore my breeches and a simple top because I would ride directly after work. Did I look like a bum? Yah. Did any clients see me? Also yes, but no one told me that we were starting to allow clients in the office again. I am a good egg. Very professional.

It didn't take long for me to notice that I was really favoring my pull-on TuffRider breeches for both work and riding. I've had these bad boys for years. Seriously, they were purchased for a clinic in 2014 when I was at least one size smaller. And guess what? They still fit! Mainly because they're like 99% spandex, but I ain't complaining.

Really, I'm only writing this because I've had these pants for six years and with the exception of one broken belt loop, they look …

Q2 Goals: Revisiting Things

So, considering the pandemic and hurricane season (both of which I did not plan for), my goals are going to need a little bit of adjusting.

Do more than the bare minimum to take care of my body
I'm somewhat back on a work out routine. The only bad thing about hunkering down with my girlfriend is that if she isn't motivated to work out, then I have to push myself to go alone, and that's succkkyy. But after having like zero work-life balance for a couple weeks, I'm finally more motivated to get back on my grind. I'm still ordering waaaayyy too much food, but I'm getting out of the house and moving around in socially distanced ways.

Improve body control
Okay, two points on this. First, the walk ride with no stirrups? Fantastic for this. I'm way more body conscious when I'm doing something that simple, and it's not so strenuous that I can't do it in hot weather. Honestly, it's probably better for Lucie since she insists on running around and tortu…

Vlog #29: May 2020 (Rain, More Rain, & Almost Crashing My Car)

Am I nearly half a month late on this? Absolutely. Are we gonna talk about that? Absolutely not.

Eventing Nation Announces 1st Annual $1,000 Diversity Scholarship

Eventing Nation has established a new diversity scholarship in efforts to continue conversations about diversity and inclusion in the equestrian sport.
Here's what they had to say:
Today we are excited to announce Nation Media’s 1st Annual $1,000 Diversity Scholarship, with the funds to be divided between the top three winners: 1st – $500, 2nd – $300, 3rd – $200.  All minority equestrians are invited to apply. The Scholarship may be used any in way that the recipient desires to further their riding career, be it educational opportunities, competition entry fees or equipment/tack.  Applicants should submit an essay and/or video sharing their experience as a minority equestrian and ideas for how we can increase diversity and inclusion in our sport. Possible topics: Write an action plan for encouraging diversity at the local, regional or national level in equestrian sport.Where do you envision diversity and inclusion going in the near and long-term future for our sport?How can we be…

Barn Rat

In a strange twist of events, spending more days at work did eventually lead to more barn time. I'm still putting in more hours in order to get a project to the next level, it's no more than nine in one day (as opposed to, like, 12 several days in a row). My free time got extended even more due to the fact that it's now too damn hot to ride (seriously Florida??? It's hurricane season! Give me a threatening cloud and a nice breeze!). To be quite honest, I haven't ridden that much this month at all, so June's vlog is going to be a lot of talking heads.

Yesterday, I decided to try for my first ride in a while. When I got there, the weather wasn't bad, and there was a slight breeze, so I started to tack up. I had a plan to do real work, and considered doing some low cross rails but nixed the idea because my muscle tone likely isn't there right now. As I was tacking up, one of the younger boarders was out and mentioned that the heat index was about 100 degre…