Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Getting to know your Thoroughbred Mare

We're coming up to two months with Miss Lucie, so I figured it was time to actually delve in and share more about her.

The obvious: she's a mare, she's gray, and she's huge. Basically Summer with tinier legs.

She also rides pretty similar to Summer as well despite being a touch dead to my leg. Her walk and trot are pretty consistent. I could definitely get a bigger step out of her at both gaits, but she's starting to get a lot softer in her mouth. The BO also mentioned that she tends to get stiff behind, but the more consistently she's taken out, the better she gets. I've introduced polework and a lot of direction changes as well, and that seems to have her moving more energetically with a lot less influence from me.

Her canter is . . . a trip. She hasn't been consistent, although part of that is likely due to stiffness, being out of shape, and getting kicked the second week I went out to ride her. Her canter is where she gets more like Summer because she just hangs. Lucie very much struggles to carry herself for longer periods of time and becomes a freight train after more than two laps. Then after I bring her back to the trot and try to hold things together, she's too worked up and takes even more time to relax before I ask again. Cantering earlier on in the ride and for shorter periods of time has helped. I've also integrated the teeniest, tiniest bit of transition work, and I'll probably start adding more.

We're still learning personal space
Personality wise . . . she's needy. Both her and her stall mate Molly are the most attention hungry horses I've ever met. Also, despite being mostly level headed, the Thoroughbred pops out every once in a while and she'll lose her mind at absolutely nothing. She already managed to break a set of cross ties under my watch.

I really do like this horse. We clicked from the trial, and I actually cancelled with the other show jumper because I was already set. So, welcome, Lucie :)

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Vlog #24: September 2019

Cheers to a year of monthly videos! I actually like this format and will likely continue with it for as long as its remains convenient. September was my first month with Lucie, but I didn't get a lot of our rides on video, so this month you get to meet her neighbor, Molly.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

(Mis)Adventures in Leasing - Part 7

The first horse I tried was the hunter mare. She's a gray, 10 year old OTTB. Pretty much a horse that I would expect to see in Coach S's barn. The BO said that the mare is typically a hunter but gets into a jumper mindset once you put spurs on. This wasn't an issue for me at all until I got on her and realized that she is slow. Like takes a serious effort kind of slow. She's also not been worked regularly in a while outside of another lessor riding her sometimes.

Trying her basically turned into a 30 minute lesson in the evening sun. Fun Fact: it's still hot as hell down here at 5pm. This will be a fun adjustment. We did a lot of trot work to get her moving and then moved into the canter. She has smooth smooth gaits, which kinda makes up for how pokey she is. One drawback for me is that she has auto changes (hunter children, calm down). I genuinely prefer to have control over the flying change.

Since she isn't super fit, going over fences was kept super simple: trot poles into a cross bar. She was great every time through, if not a little lazy. My hands started to become a problem after the fence as I still tend to close my hands a lot harder than I close my leg. Despite that, she was good. A solid citizen, and a great first trial.
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