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Fashion Thursday: Tan Accents

This is definitely the most seamless set I've ever made. I'm basically a photoshop master now.

1. Uxcell Striped Tunic
2. Hermès Logo Belt

3. IRH 4G Helmet

4. Golf Handle Jockey Bat

5. Mondoni Kingston Tallboots

6. Le Fash Breeches
no longer available

A slightly off bloggiversary

So a little over a week ago, I hit my three year bloggiversary. I don't consider three years to be some huge turning point or anything, but I also noticed that I recently passed 365 posts. A year of posts. Can you believe it? I actually thought I'd have more posts by now, but you can only plan so far at age 15. Anyways, onto the infographic.

I guess the biggest changes since the start have been 1) the theme, which is constantly changing and 2) the labels. I originally hated the idea of labels, but then I found that organizing my posts was useful for my own navigation through the blog, so I keep them, and I am now meticulous about it. Happy 3 years, y'all.

Maximum Leg

The weather held out, and I was able to get out to meet Max and his owner on Thursday. She keeps Max at a private place about 45mins from my house. It's a short distance to drive for a barn that is essentially quiet 24/7. I am disgustingly particular about alone time.

Anyway, some things about Max. He's a draft/QH, small and wide with some solid conformation. I'm not kidding you, this horse is well balanced front to back, left to right, with good bone and a sane head on his shoulders. Through some funny chance, he landed with his current owner who has had him for about two years. At age 14, he's still trucking along and has plenty of spunk (as I soon found out).

For the most part, he's behind the leg. It takes an effort to get him working, and I definitely have my work cut out for me. My goal by the end of the summer is to return him to his owner in equal or better condition, preferably better (for the sake of my own ego). He went around on Thursday pretty well. We…

Fashion Thursday: Someone at the office called his car the Matt Mobile

Precisely the reason why Matt is my favorite coworker.

1. Bioworld Athletic Batman Tee
2. Diesel B-washy Belt
3. Mens Ego7 Orion R Riding Boot
4. Tekna CLUB Saddle
5. Wilker's Hunter/Jumper "Winning Colors" Saddle Pad
6. Horze Men's Grand Prix Fullseat

So I was supposed to ride today

but I didn't because . . .

We scheduled this ride a week ago. We planned ahead. But nOoooO0Oo0ooOOOo, Mother Nature just has to have her way. I was supposed to ride around 6pm but got a text from Max's owner 3pm saying that it was looking kinda iffy outside (sidenote: I don't have windows in my office, so I don't even think about weather). We rescheduled for Thursday, and at the time I was giddy. No issue with the date or time at all, works for both of us, not too far off from today . . . but then I looked at the forecast.


Those AM showers better stay in the AM before I curb stomp a rain cloud. I haven't ridden in over a month, and I'm a bit antsy, to say the least. Plus, I'm mad because I had my posts through this week planned out around that ride, and now I have to change things up and re-organize. I guess it's appropriate; I am trying to make changes to this site itself. Yes, I'm changing the theme again. I put website design as a ski…

My Favorite Jump Set Up

Yes, I mean favorite, it's my absolute favorite, and I love it. Plus, I came up with it, so yeah. Depending on what my limitations are with Max, I'd like to be able to take him through this. I'm totally sending it to Coach S because it might also work for IEA/IHSA courses if not just as something to practice with. So, onto the diagram.

It's a five jump set up (square oxer, airy vertical, large X, & the line) with plenty of room for variation. All fences are set to be jumped from either direction. The line is set for a moving 3 or conservative 4, meaning that you have to think and, ya know, actually ride through the thing instead of sitting there doing nothing like some people. One of the nice changes you can make to this is lengthening that line so that you're able to do a bending line between one of the line fences and either the oxer or cross rail (extra diagram below). You can decide which distances should be unrelated or measured.

There are a handful of cou…

The Ironies of Exercise

Believe it or not, I'm still on that fitness thing. I started piddling back to my old ways around finals week, and I temporarily settled there once I got home. In my defense, I started working for money again, and then we went on vacation a week later. Who works out on vacation??? . . . Well, my sister did and asked me multiple times to run with her.

Anyways, enough self dragging. It was probably a message to the team group chat (which is still going on, y'all, we shared pics of our dogs the other day) that got me back into the healthy living mindset. At first, it was just running for 25-30 mins, then it was running for minimum 30 mins, then I started doing abs again, and last week marked my first arms day in a while.

Needless to say, my body has undergone some changes since the first team workout in February, but some haven't been quite what I expected. For example:

    - My legs, calves, and arms have all grown, and none of my pants or shirts fit like they used to. I'…

Fashion Thursday: These breeches make my thighs look good

Well, it's true.

1. FixDesign Cotton Breeches
no longer available
2. White House Black Market Patent Skinny Belt 3. Wilker's Hunter/Jumper Baby Pad
4. Tekna CLUB Saddle
5. Shires Fleece Lined Airflow Half Pad 6. Smol but Swol Fitted Scoop Tee 7. Horze Silvia Tall Boot

Vlog #2: F.O.A.L Items First Impressions


Yes, I deliver

As promised, an update on the new horse! I've learned that his name is Max, and he's on the smaller side for a draft cross, which I'm 100% okay with. Reminder that I am a small human.

I spoke with the owner, and it's looking like I'll have my first ride on him next week, just gotta set it up. This would be much easier if I had that darned license, but I suck at planning, so that's that. The horse is a decent mover, more of a leg ride, and can take a fence. It's sounding like a good match. Now it's just a wait & see kind of thing.

So yeah, that's it. Stay tuned for Vlog #2!

Vlog #1: Now I Vlog


Fashion Thursday: #nodrama

1. Vadim No Drama Tee
2. John Lewis Juliette Leather Belt
3. IRH Elite Extreme Riding Helmet
4. Harry's Horse Rimini Breeches