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Black is Beautiful

I've been traipsing online tack stores looking for show shirts (can't tell you why, it's a surprise, not a big one, but it's a surprise). In those adventures, I have come across a number of black show shirts, mainly from European shops. In my time on the American hunter/jumper scene, I haven't witness a single person wear a black show shirt. I haven't seen it in pictures, either. I don't think I've ever seen a black show shirt in any English discipline for that matter. Tradition has made the color a major taboo.

But like . . . guys . . . look.
You can't tell me for one second that white show shirts aren't the most inconvenient part of the horse show ensemble. And yes, you can also wear blue, purple, pink, and even orange, but white is the easily the most popular. I simply wanna know why we're torturing ourselves. There are some nice black show shirts out there.
In last year's post for Valentine Equine, I neglected to include a picture of…

Fashion Thursday: Trainer's Favorite Pants

1. Hanna Anderson Cableknit Sweater
no longer available
2. Larsson Jennings Läder Watch
3. Wilker's Hunter/Jumper Baby Pad
4. Newmarket Belle Breeches Ladies
5. Tekna CLUB Saddle
6. De Niro Ottaviano croco met veter Koole Ruitersport
7. Mattes Correction Half

Responsibilities? Ew

Today was the first day of class and also the first meeting of the semester for the eq team. As a new officer, I and three others had to do officer training for the university, then officer "debriefing" with the team president and vice president, then the actual interest meeting for the semester. Literally, holy shit, there is a lot to know. I think I'll maybe understand all of it by the time I graduate.
We did anonymous surveys last semester to evaluate how lessons are going, and I'm happy to say that they're using my idea to have a lesson plan. Score.

We have quite a few ideas down for fundraising and social events. A lot more people are on board with having team work outs, which I was surprised about. We've picked out a bunch of events that the team can go to. Right now it's just a matter of finding out who's interested and what not.  There are also a couple new members, one of whom is black and named Taylor. What are the odds???
Kal and Dia are st…


How much, you ask? Well enough that move-in was pushed back by two days. Shout out to everyone in this area who is still digging out. On the brightside, I did get to stay home for my dog's birthday yesterday.

She likes snow. I'm disgusted.

First day of classes is tomorrow, then I have three back to back meetings for the eq team. Becoming an officer was totally worth it. Stay tuned for updates.

A long awaited innovation

A number of equestrian items have seen significant changes due to advances in science and technology. Bridles are becoming more ergonomic, we have memory foam everything, there are girths to promote freedom of movement in the shoulder and therapeutic saddle pads, blankets, and boots.

But it seems one of the most important parts of the equation, the saddle, has seen little advancement. That's something that I've personally noticed, so this video came as quite a surprise.

Bua Saddles have come out with a custom saddle that changes the equipment from the base up. I like the design and the ideas behind it, but of course I have my concerns:
As a hunter/eq rider, this saddle does not fit the aesthetic of the show ring. I'd like to see the saddle in a more traditional look with the same benefits, if that's possible.Others have brought up that the springy tree might affect how you communicate with your horse through your seat. Personally, the people riding in the video seem 100%…

Fashion Thursday: ROOTD 12/18/15

So, that cute outfit I talked about two days ago? This is it. It looked nice with those boots. Unfortunately, I couldn't find cow socks that look like the ones I have.

1. WearAll Jessie Long Sleeve Jersey
2. Joules Lightweight Vest
no longer available
3. Equestrian boots
4. She's A Lucky Gallop Scarf
no longer available
5. Tory Burch Metallic Reversible Logo Belt
6. Ovation Sync Helmet
7. Annie;s Equestrienne Tiff-Annie Blue Breeches

New Stuff!

And not pay a dime. Thank you Equestrian Trend for having an AWESOME giveaway this past holiday season. My Jade Blouse from Bellator Equestrian Style came in yesterday, and wow. I'm stunned. Honestly, the stitching alone is something to gawk over. It's flipping gorgeous.

First of all, A++ on the packaging. Presentation is key.

Look at that pattern. It just sparkles so easily. It goes right around the neckline. The fabric all over is so soft and smooth. It's close to your typical show shirt material, but it's thinner, silkier, and more stretchy. Quite nice to the touch.

The top button is this adorable firefly, which I'm hoping will be subtle enough for equitation, but if it isn't, I'll use it for Dressage.

The other thing is the Mondoni Kendal Boots that I received for my birthday . . . nearly two months ago. Hehe, yeah I kept telling myself to get a picture of those before I used them, but then I had a really cute outfit in mind to wear them with, and hone…

sn-You've Got To Be Kidding Me-ow

You wanna know how to deal with Eastern Shore weather?

    1) Check the weather
    2) Dress for the exact opposite

I took a photographic journey today to get some shots of Lex and Jet. I knew I was gonna be outside, so of course I checked the weather a day early. There was a 50% chance of snow in the AFTERNOON, but lo and behold, I woke up to my mom asking my dog if she was ready to go play in the snow. I gave up WEF this year because I had to do driving school, but whatever, I'm not mad.

There was maybe a quarter of an inch on the ground by the time Lex picked me up, and it didn't get any lighter until well after I got home. Still fun though. I've never actually photographed while it's snowing, only with snow as a backdrop. 'Twas a challenge.

In less aesthetically pleasing news, I am continuing to enter writing contests in the hopes that I'll win something good to help pay for horse shows. As of now, I'm aiming to do three shows next year. I just gotta fi…

Flash Back Friday: The "Show Season"

So far, I've had two "show seasons" where the goal was to do a lot, but then that just didn't happen. The first was the same year that I started this blog. I had planned to do another full summer on my local circuit, but I think that was the year Miss S's daughter got married or something like that. Whatever happened, she was out of  town during most of the shows, so I only went to two rated shows and one schooling show.

It was a solid year. That was the summer I switched off of Duke, did my first course at a show, last year of long stirrup, and (point wise) got champion at that one schooling show . . . but they weren't giving out champion/reserve ribbons for each division.

Anyway, so why am I talking about this? Well, I found some new pictures from this show.

I used to think this was the epitome of high fashion: graphic tees & skinny jeans. Also, those are rain boots. For a while I refused to get real riding boots because they're $$$ and those were $…

Fashion Thursday: La Bleu

Don't be fooled. I don't know a lick of French besides their ridiculous numbers.

1. Goode Rider Kneepatch Denim Breech
2. Stella Pop Stud Earring
3. Mango Bay Designs Belt
no longer available
4. Eugenia Kim Striped Headband
no longer available
5. SSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Glove
6. Padded Leather Bit Bracelet
7. Rider's International Quilted Cotton Saddle Pad
8. Tekna CLUB Saddle
9. GAP Luxlight Sweater
no longer available
10. Mattes Correction Halfpad w/ Trim
11. Horze Elisa Tallboot with Zipper

Communication between Trainer & Student

Somewhat recently, the topic of trainer to student relationships came up on tumblr, and since we're equestrians there was a strong amount of disagreement. In reality, everyone is different. Some people may never talk to their trainer about anything except riding while others may be their trainer's best friend (though I personally advise against this). I'm more of an in between type, and while I lean towards the "best friend" end of the spectrum, I do intend on staying closer to center.

Regardless of your comfort level with your trainer, I find that an importance must be placed on how you communicate with them. It's easy to nod your head and say "Yes" when your trainer asks if you can feel your horse doing something, and I am guilty of doing this, but it does you no good. If you're confused, ask questions. Never be afraid to ask questions. You're likely to get some more knowledge along with your answer.

A situation that I've heard about q…

Graphic Design Bug

I've been bit. Ever since I started making the decals for my shop, I've been interested in improving my graphic design skills. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that a friend got me super into it, and I've just been playing around with some stuff.

I started out with this one horse and just did some stuff to it. Things got great once I found the eyedropper tool. It's fantastic, and worked super well once I started using LGBT+ flags and couldn't figure out the RGB codes, but of course I spent a significant amount of time trying.

All (actually a very small fraction of) the gay ponies.

I started to get more into it with editing my own photos, but that's a lot harder than just changing some colors and adding a fading background.

And then I also tried to make some sort of monogram/branding/seal for myself . . . yeah, not really sure what these are, but I like them, and the colors are pretty.

Fashion Thursday: Untitled #20

At this point, I'm amazed that I've only struggled to name 20 out of my 300+ sets.

1. Michael Kors Beige Cashmere
2. Mondoni Kendall Boot 3. Goldtone Infinity Earrings no longer available 4. Horse Pendant no longer available 5. Mango Bay Tan Snaffle Bits on Natural Belt 6. Horze Savanna Breeches no longer available

"A Combination of Things" Barn Layout

Yeah, so this one combines a couple of different elements. If you've ever read the book "The Phantom Stallion", it's partially based off of that barn, but it's also based off of my dad's friend's barn.

It's a logical-ish set up. If I were to change it for myself, I'd remove the large storage room, and have three 12' x 12' areas, two of which would be stalls with the remaining one as storage. I would also change the 12' x 24' stall (below) into two 12' x 12' stalls with a removable partition. Depending on the climate, part of the viewing area would also be enclosed and insulated.

Yes, more detailed views are needed.

Look at that quality office with a kitchen and a desk.

Style: Double Aisle Gable
    (6) 12' x 12' Stall
    (1) 12' x 24' Stall
    (1) 12' x 16' Stall     (1) 12' x 12' Wash Stall
Tack: 12' x 24'
Feed: n/a
Width: 232'
Depth: 112'

Day 2 of Miss El's Clinic

I made the mistake of getting to the barn 45 mins early, but that's just who I am as a person. I may or may not have scarfed down unreasonably large amounts of beef dip . . . again . . . also I had two deserts, but who's counting????

The second rider for the day was a beautiful gray pony with a younger rider. I think what they said is that they typically do hunters but have started to dabble in Dressage. They brought him out in a Pelham, which they accidentally thought was Dressage legal. Miss El rolled with it at first, but the curb rein was causing too much interference, so she took it off completely.

There was also an adjustment with the rider form. One elbow back, another forward, turn the shoulders a bit . . . all things I've heard at one point or another. A pencil was used to put the hands into place. All those alignment changes allowed horse and rider to come back together, and, as a result, the horse was much more willing to move forward and come on the bit.

There …

Day 1 of Miss El's Clinic

I never had the pleasure of going to one of Miss El's clinics back when Fifi trailered to them, but now that I'm under her wing, I had the liberty of auditing and photographing for free this weekend. This is day 1 (obviously), and day 2 will come tomorrow. I personally consider watching others ride to play a key importance in improving my own riding. It's a good start to the new year.

There was a lot to be learned, but what stuck with me the most was from the second ride. It was a friend of mine and her paint mare, both of whom have come a long way since meeting each other. That being said, the mare has always been difficult, especially when it comes to contact, but it's become worse recently and has led to some more obvious resistance (small rears and bucks). The first reaction in this case is to simply ride through it. Send the horse forward, guide them to the hand, yadda yadda, but of course it goes beyond that. Neither the mare nor Miss El were happy with the whole…

January Giveaway!

What's your New Year's resolution? To take every opportunity that comes your way? To spruce up your wardrobe? To give your personal items an equestrian touch? No matter what it is, start the new year off right with a giveaway by me and my Australian cohort, Darcy White Designs! (I don't just do those company features for no reason, y'all)

    - Darcy White Designs Phone Case
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To enter, just fill out the entry form below. The winner will be chosen raffle style. Only one entry per person to make it fair. This giveaway ends at midnight AEDT on February 1st, 2016.


As always, best of luck!

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