Sunday, December 31, 2017

2k17: A Review

Yeah, this again. Completely missed the last quarterly review, but meh it would have basically been the same as this. Before we get to the categories, some highlights:

Competed for the first time in forever
Went through the whole leasing debacle

Spent the summer with the war horse
And went to my first Dressage show with him
Added another horse to my regime for all of no logical reason
Almost died
Went to an event for the first time and saw Boyd Martin
And onto the goals:

Improve my equitation: I mean, with Miss El screaming at me to bring my shoulders back all the time, I guess my equitation had to improve at some point.

Continue to open hip joint and soften ankle: Yes, actually. Sitting trot got pretty good.

Strengthen my right side & continue to improve balance: Also yes, but I've been having trouble lately due to not working out as often. Can't wait to see how bad it is when I ride a horse again.

Exercise 5 times per week: Was pretty solid through September, but my education takes priority over abs.

Ride with Miss El at least once a week when I'm home (weather/finances permitting): She up & moved to NC, so that's that.

Be more fluid with different tack (i.e. Dressage form vs. Hunter form): Not horrible. My first time back in the hunter tack was a ride on Vodka after Culpeper. It wasn't the best; I felt stiff and like I had no where to go, but the subsequent times were fine.

Qualify for Colonial Classic:

Qualify for MAEF Finals: No

Qualify for MHSA Regional Finals:

Go to Brandywine, HITS, or Upperville (only once though and preferrably Brandywine): No

Compete at First Level & begin working towards my bronze: . . . technically, yeah, but no.

Compete on Roman: Yes? Somehow? When it was 100% not expected.

We're not even gonna go into the magical goals because exactly 0 of those happened.

So that's 2017 in a nutshell. Really not that bad. I'm happy that I actually kept up with the vlogging because it's something that I enjoy. Taking a break from riding and focusing on some of my other passions has been pretty therapeutic. By some odd chance, it's made me more passionate about riding since it's been one less thing to stress me out this semester.

But anyways, that's a wrap 2017. Here's to 2018.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Learning to let go

So, after going ghost post my first Dressage show, I'd like to say that big exciting things happened for me and Roman and the barn gang. But, nothing huge happened. I basically reverted back to my mindset during that one awesome spring I had with Baby where I wasn't really keen on lessons and whatnot and just wanted to have some fun.

Some really good memories here
Prior to going to Culpeper, Miss El pretty pointedly told me that to get the stretch on Ro, I needed to learn how to let go. Literally. Like drop the reins and just leg him into a circle. It's a pretty simple concept, but the execution is a lot less pretty. Hence the 5 we got . . . anyways, Ro had a fairly intense summer between me and Fi. Both him and Sanibel had time off from the end of the show until at least the day I moved back to school.

This was the good stretch, and yet
I think for all but two rides, I slapped the jump saddle and a halter on him and went. I sat in the Dressage saddle with a bridle once. I went bareback with a halter for the last ride. Realistically, I don't need to learn how to let go, I need to re-learn. The opportunity to do so hasn't been present for a while, and yet it was easy to slip back into that mindset once I had no one thing to focus on.

Since Ro is so amicable, he responded pretty well to having a bunch of 15 minute rides on a dropped rein.

But, of course, we can't forget his demons.

Miss El says he grew up and got dumb.

I wish I could say what's next for the two of us, but I don't. Miss El moved to start training with Julio Mendoza, which is super awesome because holy heck JULIO MENDOZA, but she' in a whole other state, and the commute would be not ideal. Based on her Instagram, Roman is loving North Carolina. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to see them again, but Ro is living his best life. So I'm happy. 'Till we meet again, war horse.

Chubby, cuddly, Dressage whip eating war horse
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