Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fashion Thursday: Framed In Earth Tones

Framed In Earth Tones

1. Elle Pocket Tee
    no longer available
2. Charles Owen GR8 Helmet
3. HKM Golden Gate Silicon Cargo Breeches
4. HKM Dublin Boots

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fashion Thursday: If he dresses well, take a chance

What I really need right now is the validation of a man actually wearing one of my sets. If anyone wants to step up, that would be great

If he dresses well, take a chance

1. Coton Doux Mens Collared Shirt
2. Brooks Brothers Canvas Leather Belt
3. Tiffany & Co. Pilot Glasses
4. Charles Owen AYR8 Helmet
5. SSG Lycrochet Horseshoe Back Riding Gloves
    no longer available
6. Pikeur Liostro Men's Breeches

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

J'adore les chevaux

So I have mildly interesting news. First of all, I am 99.9% done with my first year of college. Finals = death, though, which is why there was no Fashion Thursday post last week. I have one more final to take, but it's online and isn't due until tomorrow. That means that, since I have nothing left to do on campus, I moved out on Friday, and I am now home for the summer. My first focus will be on getting my license. I'm fortunate enough to already have a job lined up, plus I still blog horsey things with Intrepid. Once I become a legal driver, I'm aiming to ride 5-6 times a week depending on what I'm able to ride. My summer plans are set!

Booty needs #werk
Now, on the side of all that, I'm also trying to learn French and German. The German is actually because I might transfer schools in the event of President Trump (though I also found an AWESOME, 4 semester Master's program that I might do anyway). French is being more or less relearned. I did my three years in highschool, but I didn't retain all that much. Basically, I can count from 1 to 99, mostly. I've already started on Duolingo, and as of now, I am 8% fluent. Oui oui.

image from quickmeme
Miraculously, around the same time I started the relearning process, a couple of tumblr bloggers came up with the idea to start a group for equestrians trying to learn different languages (thank you, Dmitri!). It's already been super useful in learning horse stuff.

Mel made these awesome diagrams, too with eye catching filters and appropriate color schemes. When I get back to riding, I'm going to impress my trainer with random French about Dressage. What else could a trainer want?

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

One Year of IHSA

Well, technically, nine months, not including breaks and general trips home. In this course of time, I've ridden 20 different horses and ponies. I did three shows and currently have eight points going into next year. I'm hoping to qualify for regionals, but this post ain't about the future, it's about the past (and partially the present).

September: A month of me crying to Kal because I didn't know where anything was. I still haven't dropped my lost freshman status. On my third lesson, I met Pixel for the first time, and it seems we've been taking weird distances since day one.

Love at first sight
October: Ok, this was a big month apparently. I put in a valiant effort and was actually able to have a productive ride on Vick, then realized that ponies don't like me (but Cooler is still a cutey). Sidenote: Vick doesn't do selfies. We also made the trip to watch WIHS. I had my first show at the end of the month, wherein I screwed up entirely on the largest horse I've ever ridden . . .

Just terrible at selfies
November: . . . and then threw a plot twist the next day and beasted on a small red mare. What a way to start the month. It was smooth sailing right into my second show of the semester, where Pixel packed me to second place. Also, limes.

No. 1 Lime
December: After finishing out the semester on Pixie Sticks, I was visited by my old friend, Crippling Self Doubt. Somewhere in there, this team decided that I would be good for an officer position. What faith they have in me.

After a strong finish
January: Snow pushed off the spring semester move-in date, which subsequently pushed off the first meeting of the semester. Eventually, I got back to school and was "debriefed" as an officer.

We also got free stuff, weeee!!
February: Lessons start again for the semester! I pretty much switch between Romeo and Pixel for a while, and they are both big babies. Workouts commence. The group chat follows shortly (IT'S LIT).

March: Pixel decided to be an even bigger baby and ruined my 10 month no falling streak.

World's Biggest Buttface
April: Regionals time! I also got to meet one of my favorite horse people, Ellen Shevella, who considered Pixel to be a quality animal, even if he's a pony poser.

When your squad is goals
May: Basically coasting it to the end of the year and enjoying the rather calm waters. I had my last ride of the semester on Pixie Sticks. Plans for next semester are slowly but surely coming together.

He's a babe & a half
It's been an awesome year, but I'm done riding in the cold. Time for short sleeve polos so I can show off these arms.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Until next semester

Yup, last lesson of the semester, and of course I finished it out with my dear not pony Pixel. A lot of other riders had to do make up lessons, so we had five people added to our already full lesson group, making for 10 horse & rider pairs in the Dressage sized indoor. Fun times.

Pixie Sticks didn't make it easy, though. We were pretty adjustable at the trot, but we haven't figured out true contact entirely. He's still so looky. Permanent baby mode. My sitting trot still needs some work (damn stiff ankles). He cantered beautifully, right off my legs and into my hands. He's quite nice when he acts grown.

Gonna miss post lesson tacos
Jumping was eventful as usual. I came off (again) because apparently we are also afraid of bricks. We went over that thing, like, four more times, and he didn't even balk. Once he gets his refusal out, everything is smooth sailing. For me, it was a matter of getting up and not catching him with my hands on the backside of the fence. We finished with three very nice fences, and I couldn't be any happier with this horse-pony-thing.

Can't wait til next semester.

Still majestic. Always majestic.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fashion Thursday: More Aliens

More Aliens

1. Ropalia Alien Crop Top
2. FixDesign clothing
    no longer available
3. Wilker's Hunter/Jumper Baby Pad
4. Mondoni Kingston Tallboots

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's what they call leg day

I had one makeup lesson for this semester since I had to skip out on the one before spring break. I joined the beginner lesson on Monday since they also needed a make-up. Of course, the relentless rain over the past week or so made for gross conditions outside, but the indoor would have been uncomfortably hot, so outside we went.

He's precious
I was on Smooch. He's an ex-hunter, and boy-o-boy does he need some leg (and spurs). He's cute though and fits right in with the other big grey geldings in my life. We did a ton of flatwork. Coach's goal for me was to just get Smooch moving forward, and he complied quite well. I had done my stretches quite quickly, but they more or less got the job done. I had some tightness to the right that I was able to work out of. Smooch was pretty good except for not wanting to pick up his right lead. It took some convincing.

I jumped a bit, just two fences in a line. We trot in the first and second time then cantered through the third time. Again, it was a lot of leg, and we get seven strides in what I believe was a five. Good pon.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Something for the little ones

Fun Fact: I plan on having nine kids. Another Fun Fact: I don't want a single one of them riding horses because I plan on being rich but not that rich. That being said, it'd be nice to have them dress the part, and Mini Britches makes it easier to do just that.

Mini Britches is an equestrian themed apparel company specializing in clothing for babies and toddlers. Their current line of clothing feature English riding style prints in white, orange, and pink. If I'm being honest, I've never seen a onesie with elbow patches, but now that I have, I'm convinced that it's the greatest thing in the world.

Photo by Alicia Cervenka
Take a look at these sweet little pants too; they're literal mini breeches. Look at the little plaid knee patch. Just imagine a tiny baby on a cute lil' pony wearing these with those super tiny paddock boots and a polo shirt. Even if you don't like kids, it's an adorable thing to picture.

Photo by Alicia Cervenka
If you ride horses but don't have children, get a couple of these for a friend or family member with a newer child. Gotta get those new leadliners while they're young.

Photo by Alicia Cervenka // Facebook // Instagram

All images are from the Mini Britches Facebook page.
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