Saturday, January 31, 2015

Who's a good pony?

Zoey is a good pony, a great pony. Miss S got shoes on her a couple of weeks ago because her sale is imperative. We have another boarder coming in the spring, and Zoey is holding a stall without paying for it.

Now that she's actually ride-able, Cas took a couple of lessons on her, and we were going to take pictures for her ad today, but I forgot my SD card. Nonetheless, we were saved by the iPhone which takes reasonably good videos and can be used in dire situations. Miss S is trying her in a Kimberwick because she runs through her snaffle, but she kind of got more and more irritated with it as Cas continued riding. It's looking more like she doesn't like the chain rather than the bit itself. We're trying a padded chain next.

Despite Zoey's dislike for the bit, she was a super good pony and is even more relaxed since our last ride a while ago. She's slowing down a lot to fences, but she still has a good eye for her own distances. Since the bit was being bothersome, Cas finally caved to my pressuring and rode Zoey in the halter. There was no difference. She was the same horse, if not happier.

Then we switched out, and I got a bit ambitious (hahahahahahahah I'm so punny). I aimed Zoey to a little cross bar that Cas was standing by, and as I was approaching it, I dropped the reins, looked Cas in eyes, said "Swag money" with peace signs, and two-pointed. Then Zoey cut in and took another fence that I wasn't planning on jumping, but whatever. I did it two more times, one for the camera and one for Miss Terry.

She's gonna be a great pony for someone.

Zoey and Liv a while ago

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fashion Thursday: Annie's Knows

You bet your bottom that Annie's knows what's up. They have recently come out with a knee patch version of their signature Tiffany Blue breeches as well as adding a patch version of the Concord pair. I might have gotten the Concords during a half off sale (I did). Now I just have to find a similar top.

Annie's Knows

Items In Set:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Design day

Because what else are you supposed to do when you're done with everything pertaining to college applications, but you don't want to do your homework? In my defense, I'm not home yet and can't do my homework, but my design club is light in members today, so I have a lot of free time. Most of it has been spent reading down the dash, but I've caught up with everyone, and now I am bored.

I did a bird's eye view of an arena a while ago, and it ended up looking pretty nice (except for all the trees being exactly the same, but whatever, it went in the portfolios). I'm working on a shedrow which currently needs doors to be complete. Other than that, I've been looking for just general inspiration. I don't like basic barn plans.

In the other design realms, I did my first custom charm order, and I've been knocking out some more eccentric looking . . . things. It's almost starting to look like fashion shows where the designers get really ridiculous just to show case their creativity rather than being practical.

Be the ball pit
Yeah, I'm not that insane. I just like to have fun.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

You've changed

For a while, I was one of those typical, horseless kids that got super attached to lesson horses to the point where I didn't like it when anyone else rode that horse. I loved the idea of having a horse to myself. Well, Miss S isn't using Baby in lessons anymore. That should be a yay, right? No, it's not a yay. It's not a yay at all. Baby isn't being used in lessons anymore because she has run off with too many children since November. Be careful what you wish for.

Long story short, Baby was in some kind of mood yesterday. She didn't want to walk or halt, she just wanted to go, go, go, which surprises me, even with her wanting to jig all the time. The ride started out with a very clear command to stop moving her feet, and we did a lot of trot/halt transitions. She was resisting my leg, which meant a resistance to the hand as well, which meant that bending didn't really happen at all. For a thirty minute ride, the large majority of it was spent trying to get some kind of bend.

When I actually asked her for the canter—she tried to canter multiple times when we were trotting—she preferred to barrel down the arena sides, both long and short, so there were more circles. When she was somewhat compliant, we did canter/halt transitions in a figure-8 with a change of lead. She wasn't too happy about halting straight off the left lead, so we did that a few more times after the figure-8, and they were very nice. She was a lot softer and more relaxed than when we had started. We accomplished something.

Afterwards, since she hadn't even broken a sweat, I had her stretch a bit for treats. Those five minutes of Tom Foolery showed me just how easily Baby gets distracted and how quickly treats grab her attention again. She was actually quite flexible (that or she was just desperate). She got just behind the wither on each side.

This post has produced the next blog hop as well.

What's the one thing your horse done that's really thrown you off? How out of character have they ever been?

Friday, January 23, 2015

After some careful thought

As I was finishing up my post from yesterday, I had already started pondering over ways that I could make it through the season with my dignity in tact and my horse not hating me. I will not show Corbin (much to my own dismay), but I will still take lessons with Miss J to make sure that I am absolutely ready to help Baby make the move up. I won't show at 3'0" until the June/July time frame, but I will have ample time to qualify for the local medal and the MHSA regionals.

I've also been turning over some possible ways to expand my business past charms. I've actually got a business name now, and I'm working on a logo and a business card. At first, I was afraid of starting something that was going to be too big to handle, but I like the idea of having brand ambassadors and being able to help promote someone else's career while supporting my own at the same time.

This year will be an adventure to say the least.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fashion Thursday: A nice, $30,000 watch

I'm not kidding you, the watch is ridiculous, but I needed something gold to go with the set.

A nice, $30,000 watch

1. Long Sleeve Thermal Tee
2. Noble Mount Solid Microfiber Tight
3. Piaget Polo Round Diamond Watch
4. Bling Jewelry Ritzy Black Earrings
5. Baker Classic Plaid Belt
6. SSG Fleece Lined Winter Gripper
7. Tekna CLUB Saddle
8. ECOGOLD Stabilizer All-Purpose Half Pad
9. Long sleeve top
10. TuffRider Ladies Neon Knee Patch Breeches
11. Equine Couture Fleur De Lis All Purpose Saddle Pad
12. Horze Elisa Tallboot with Zipper

(another) Possible change of plans

I would have rather stayed home today than taken a lesson.

Romeo was so on point today, even with it being such a late lesson. I on the other hand was not. I could barely sit the trot today. My leg was pushed forward and my body was braced. When I was sitting, it wasn't a real sit because I was leaning forward and more perched than anything. The canter was also terrible. I couldn't contain Romeo's stride, nor could I push him into his corners or get him to use his butt at all. It was the same old, same old: too stiff in the back and shoulders, too loud with my upper body, hands not doing what hands are supposed to do.

It was mainly a flat lesson because the ground was soaked, but Miss J did give us the chance to do the brick fence because the area around it was dry. She said to pretend that George Morris was watching and was offering us a job but that we would be hired or rejected depending on how well we did the fence. I messed it up. Twice. The first time was not enough leg, and we slid to the base before bunny hopping to the other side. The second time had an okay distance, but I threw my body forward over the fence and let my leg slip. I got a "hire" on the second try, and I understand that trainers all want to be positive and keep us optimistic and confident about our riding, but that does nothing for me.

To top it off, I got the show packet that J² put together for everyone wanting to show with them this upcoming season. It had the schedule, a rider commitment, and, most importantly, all the fees that I need to know about. Unless my charm business magically kicks off and rakes me in some big bucks, there is no way that I can show Corbin this year as much as I had planned to. I would maybe be able to do two shows, and that's two individual shows, which means I either pick one weekend or I split it up. The rider commitment also says that we have to take one lesson a week, which I talked to Miss J about when I first mentioned showing with her, and she was okay with the every other week, but if I have to ride every week with her, then there is no way that I could still take lessons on Baby and get her ready for 3'0". Ironically, that was the whole point of this. I wanted to gain my confidence on Corbin so that I could help Baby out a little bit more. Showing with just Miss J alone is too expensive, but I'm not psyched to do another year of the same thing with Miss S because I know that I'm just going to be over faced and embarrass myself.

I'm just frustrated with constantly having to worry about the money thing, and two bad rides in a row are just a major confidence stab. I will say that watching nail art videos has really calmed me down since I got home. I suddenly have the desire to do some of these things.

Take that, Picasso

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The real WEF experience

I got back from WEF a little while ago. We only stayed for a couple of hours, but that's what you get with non-horsey parents. I took pictures of the hunters and the jumpers all while looking for famous people to awkwardly stare at then run from when they notice me. I got to touch a(n) Hermés bridle. That was exhilarating. I also almost got run over by a lady on a golf cart. Seriously, I wish we would have rented a golf cart because that would have been nicer than walking around the majority of the property trying to find the ponies. It was a good experience (despite the fact that I saw rolkur within 30 seconds of being there).

We did get to do some shopping afterwards. My mom and I raided T J Maxx and made away with a $5 purchase cause momma knows how to use her gift cards. I only got two quarter zips—a brown short sleeve and a fuschia long sleeve. Of course I bought them with the intention of using them for riding, but I guess spending a day in 80° weather makes you forget that you live in the arctic (not really, but it feels like it). Lessons this weekend were cancelled because of the cold. Maybe everyone should move down here instead of me going back.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

♣Ambitious♣ Blog Hop: So, why?

So, how'd it happen?

How did you end up getting into horses? Was it a relative? A friend? Destiny? What's your first horsey experience that you can remember?

I'm going with option C, destiny, or fate, or chance, or coincidence, whatever you want to call it. No one else in my family is into horses, but I've been horse obsessed for as long as I can remember. I'm 99% sure that the reason it took so long for my parents to give in and let me take lessons is because they thought I was just going through a phase.




My first horsey experience was at the farm of a friend of my dad's. His wife runs a stable, and I fell in love with their pony Gracie. I was smitten from the start. I did a camp at her farm about a year before getting into actual lessons. Gracie has since been retired, but that really was where it all started.

Monday, January 12, 2015

TOABH: Wish We Could

Let's pretend that financial restrictions don't exist and logistics isn't a nightmare.  If you could do anything with your Ponykins, what would you do?

I'd pay the bill to have Baby bred. Before downgrading and becoming the main mount of my so far modest career, Baby was a high earning HUS horse on the Paint circuit. Her previous owner and Miss S are friends, and they used to compete against each other. Not to brag, but her conformation is darn near perfect. Personally, I'd flatten out her topline, add a bit more bone, and refine her head and neck. Otherwise, she's great. She's already had two foals (which I know nothing about but want to know about). Third time's a charm?

I've entertained the idea to Miss S. Baby isn't getting used as much, and, after this season, I'll be away at college, so she'll be an every once in while horse unless Miss S gets new students. Miss S isn't entirely opposed to it; it's just the usage issue. There are two stallions that we both agree would be good matches.

First, A Fine Romance. Check out this beauty. He's a top of the line Thoroughbred. I love his form and conformation, and he's got a good head on his shoulders, which is a huge plus. He is the favorite of the two.

Second is Goldmaker. His conformation isn't as nice, and, last time I checked, he hadn't done as much as A Fine Romance, but check out that jump.

Unf, some day I will have a breeding farm full of pretty pons.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hot hot mess

I got assigned to ride Oreo aka Cookie today. He's a little jumper pony, and he has quite the personality. Everything must go in his mouth, except the bit. The bit cannot go in his mouth, but once the bit is in, the reins are the best to chew on. To Cookie, head shaking is allowed at all times, no matter how obnoxious and meaningless it is. He can only be on the bit for a maximum of 3/4 of a lap; he must speed up when he is exactly 20ft down the long side closest to the barn. Ah, yes, the life of a cookie.

"No, come back, let me bite your vest"
Cookie fits into your typical jumper pony mold with a touch more weird. As with Rosie and Christopher Robin, watching other people ride Cookie has made me nervous about him. Being on the team basically guarantees that I will have to ride him at some point. I was hoping that Miss J would just keep pushing it back, but I guess today it had been pushed back far enough.

It was definitely worse than riding Rosie. I was tense from the start. Tied stirrups and having to use double reins for the first time—Seriously, why, just why? Either give me a snaffle or a curb, but do not put them together because I have no idea what I'm doing, and I will not touch that curb because I still do not trust my hands—didn't make things any easier.

I spent most of my time doing half-assed circles. I think I did a full lap around the arena maybe 10 times total. When we cantered, I didn't leave this one section of the ring because I swear I would've leaped off of him out of fear. Don't get me wrong, there were definitely moments when we both settled and looked like a respectable pair, but that was only 10% of the time I spent up, and we have hour and a half lessons.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

But I don't wanna

Yes, it is true that I am officially done with the cold weather, but I'm not excited about driving down to Florida, never have been. I get the feeling that my parents are trying to make this a regular thing in my family as we've done it twice before in January, and we're going to the same place this time. Sneaky parents are sneaky.

The reason why I'm not excited to go is 1) I'll be missing three days of school and 2) I won't be able to go to the Expo. Angelo was going to be there. Jane Savoie was going to be there. The new boarder is going to ride Peach in a Thoroughbred challenge. I was ranting to Fifi about all this when she offered to ask Miss El to get me a lesson with a friend of hers in Wellington. This is why Fifi is perfect.

I didn't end up lunging Baby today; I was too lazy, and the new boarder was riding. I didn't want to disturb. I groomed Baby then gave her some hay to eat in the aisle, but apparently that isn't interesting enough for Queen B. When about half of the hay was finished, she walked into an empty stall looking for grain. She didn't find any yet still licked the entirety of the grain bucket. After that, she tried to walk into the tack room, only stalled by another tub that had grain dust on it. I closed the tack room door and directed Baby back to the thing that was actually given to her.

The new boarder and I continued our conversation while I made futile attempts to take a better picture of the gold snake charm. I've been meaning to get a good picture for weeks, but I always forgot until today. Maybe I can get a better picture with the bridle actually on her head.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Current schedule updates

Well, we got booted from the show this Sunday, and it comes down to something along the lines of over booking. I'm not sure how many more shows I'll be able to do for IEA as this Sunday and a few weeks from now were supposed to get me up to the five allowed, so I'll likely end up doing two shows in February. Regionals aren't until March. I have time.

I'm heading out this weekend to clean the pasture. I know it's going to take some time, and I need to get in time at work, so I'll probably lunge Baby (if she's there, there's a show this weekend, not sure if she's being taken). Her whole rushing jumps thing needs to be settled before 6" singles move up to 3'0"+ courses. She was fine last week after we did the circle a few times, but I'd rather have her slow and paying attention from the beginning, especially in the indoor.

I have an IEA lesson on Sunday, too. I kind of want to ride Christopher Robin again, but I'm 99% sure that Miss J is putting me on Corbin (for obvious reasons). We have a meeting after our lesson to discuss who's going to be showing with J² this upcoming season. Whoop whoop. Corbin shall be packing me around 3'0".

Bridle charms should be up for purchase next week, but I'll likely be sticking to local, in person sales only because the shipping for the charms would end up being more than the charms themselves. I need to look into alternate methods that I wouldn't get in trouble for, so, if you're farther away from me, stay tuned.

Also, my first purchase from Griffinbrook was a success! It took some time to arrive due to the last few holiday items being delivered, but I'm super happy to have these new breeches for show season. I'll finally be able to sell my Tredsteps (which is unfortunate because I like them, but ordering the wrong size is an issue), along with some other items that were retired after minimal use.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fashion Thursday: Color Pop

Hey, let's bring back that thing that I stopped doing a while ago for no apparent reason even though I'm still making Polyvore sets like it's my job.

Color Pop

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Cashmere Pullover
2. J Crew Blue Buttondown
    sold out
3. Success Equestrian Hunter Half Pad No Slip
4. MARC by MARC JACOBS Rubberized Jerrie Rose Stub
5. Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet
6. Tekna CLUB Saddle
7. Roeckl Sports Ladies 2-Tone Chester Riding Gloves
8. Reversible Belt by Dimacci
9. Horze Grand Prix Self Patch Breeches, Women’s
10. HKM Ear Bonnet
11. Vienna Baroque CC Saddlepad
12. Horze Elisa Tallboot with Zipper

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


What is your horse's absolute favorite thing? Outside of riding! Are there treats that instantly convert your pony into an addict or liniments that leave him yawning and chewing? What does your horse just love to have?

Baby goes crazy over anything. She loves all treats. Treats are the only incentive. She does have her favorites. At the top of the list would be carrots, then sugar cubes, then Ritz crackers, apples, and finally those generic treat pellet thingies that she gets most of the time because that's what's in the barn. Unfortunately, I have introduced her to the nicer things in life.

Gimme treat now
Outside of food, I honestly think she enjoys being obnoxious in her faces. She's a laid back type of horse, but it's never surprising to see her sticking her nose up or swinging her tongue every which way. She likes to go after the cross ties, too, and she doesn't mind being a contortionist to get at them.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Some things are just too tempting. For example, I am tempted to buy a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren "breeches" (as they are on sale right now, and my mother doesn't oppose them too much), but the issue is that they don't work for riding. I have a pair of Polo "breeches", and, while they're great for working in, they're not suitable to ride in. It's unfortunate as they have many pockets to hold my phone, treats, gloves, and such.

I used them on an even more green Zoey a few years back
I haven't ridden in the "breeches" that have caught my eye recently, but I did try them on in the store, and I knew right then that they wouldn't work out. It's unfortunate. They're cute pants, and while I wouldn't be able to wear bright orange at any barn but my own (as per trainer rules), the jay blue is appropriate for more than one situation.

If I knew how to use a sewing machine, I'd make my own breeches. Until then, I shall continue to pass over the pants and buy the shirts instead.

Perhaps maroon would be more appropriate

Monday, January 5, 2015

And we'll do it all again

Here is the Sunday show recap.

We head out around 7:15 on Sunday morning to the second farm. It was a much warmer day, some drizzling throughout the day, but we didn't experience sub zero temperatures, so that was nice. Unfortunately, we missed about half of the schooling because we got the wrong start time, so the horse notes and warm-up were absolutely invaluable.

I pulled Charlie over fences and Cinderella for the flat, two medium ponies. Can you hear my agony?

Charlie seemed uppity from the minute he came out. He wasn't really enjoying moving off my leg, which didn't help because the indoor wasn't all that big. Fortunately, he wasn't nearly as goey in the ring as he was outside, very much a push (plus lots of clucking plus the occasional kick) ride. He went around nicely, minus one seriously cut corner. We placed second.

On the flat, Cinderella was even more ornery about my leg. We did not get into any of the corners, plus, she was tired, and I heard the wrong command over the intercom (halt, not walk), so I got a fourth.

For regionals, I'm one point away from qualifying over fences and seven away from qualifying on the flat (one non-placing really hurts ya). We'll do it all again next Sunday.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Those missed opportunities

We head a good two hours north to an IEA show this weekend. When we got there, They started schooling. There was a boy schooling horses this morning. He looked about 30 to me, but I didn't have my glasses this time. Mickey and I were laughing about how he looked rich - Parlantis and Tailored Sportsmans - but he was missing some (ass)ets, so I paid him no mind.

It was Jacob Pope.

It was cold as anything today. The temperature stayed around 30°F, and it was raining. Gotta say the mood as fairly miserable.

I picked a pretty black mare named Tess for over fences. She had been quite forward with everyone else, even the other girl who rode her in my class, but she settled down with me, and it was more of a push ride. The course was okay. We had pretty good distances, minus two, but my hands and legs were moving too much. I placed fifth.

I pulled a tiny, green pony named Lola for the flat. She was a bit looky and resistant to my leg. The class started out well, but, by the time we cantered to the left, I knew I'd blown the class. The right was even worse. She bucked multiple times. Needless to say, I didn't place.

After everything was over, I took my first trip the Dover Saddlery store which was somewhat awkward considering my strange loyalty to Equestrian Collections. Pictures and videos will come later. I have another show tomorrow, and this pizza is more appetizing than blogging.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Slightly embarassed

I took a New Years Day ride on Babes because I needed some critique worthy footage and a reason not to do my English homework. Fifi joined me, but she spent more time playing with the cat. I thought that I'd be able to use the Dressage letter cones that I found deep within the depths of the jump stack, but they have gone missing, along with the Stubben, so I had to use that same saddle that I hate the look and feel of.

I worked on rhythm, contact, and suppleness. She was super good about the contact at the walk and trot, but she was still jigging. Oddly enough, all she wanted to do was jig. She didn't want to walk, and she was ready to go, but God forbid I ask her to move out. She just wanted to jig. She's still a lot more resistant going to the right than she is to the left.

Her canter transitions weren't bad today. I still feel my upper body moving way too much, and, after watching the video, I've realized that my hands still aren't as quiet as they need to be at the trot. I catch her in the mouth a lot at both of the higher gaits, so I'll stick to a longer rein and lighter contact when the new boarder (who I can't find a nickname for and who will most likely be referred to as "the new boarder" for the next year) isn't around to help me out.

To be honest, I'm quite embarrassed by this video. I probably won't be able to ride her again for another couple of weeks.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

♣Ambitious♣ Blog Hop #1

Let's start this blog hopping out with something simple.

Who is the most influential person in your riding and why?

For me, I'd have to say Miss S without a doubt. She was my first real trainer. She gave me my base in riding and horsemanship. She took me to my first show, my first clinic, my first rodeo, my first expo . . . it's a lot of firsts.

First show outfit game on point
Much of my technique, both the good and the bad parts, are rooted in her teachings. I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am today without her.  I will always appreciate her help. 
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