Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Okay, I change my mind.

You would think after getting so excited to have my stirrups back that I would relish the moment that they were once again on my feet. Honestly, nnnnnope. I couldn't stand those darned things during my ride tonight.

It started out fine when we first got on. We were just walking around, and I was relatively comfortable. We decided to ride outside while there was still light and then go inside when it got too dark. So we get out there, right, and we start trotting, and I just quit. It was so wrong, so awkward. I first had to lengthen my stirrups, but they are still uneven, so I was rather angry about that. The longer stirrups do help, though, and that was one of the things that I had planned to do by the end of last month. I push off of my stirrups so much and then scrunch up my leg. That is no longer acceptable (as if it ever was), and I plan to work on that a lot over the next month now that I am riding twice as much.

Getting back to the actual riding part, we're out there walking and trotting (and my sitting trot was boss by the way). I'm over there trying to stop myself from posting off of my stirrups (and breaking at the wrist and leaning too far forward and being too much on my butt). Then we move onto this line right, and good lord, I swear I will never get my lower leg in place. It's basically impossible for me. I tel myself to squeeze with the calf, but once I go over my mind just goes blank, and I do what instinct tells me to do. On top of that I was coming up too soon too. You know what, don't smite me. The last time I jumped was over a month ago. I didn't trust myself to jump without stirrups, and I think it's fair to say that was a justified fear. We did that line, I dunno, six times, and Baby was perfect. She went low and slow like the HUS horse she is. I guess not jumping for a while is useful.

When the sun finally quit on us, we went inside, and Miss S had me work on Baby's left lead, ya know, the bad lead, the "I am completely able of doing this round unless you replace me with a different horse" lead. Yeah, that lead. She was a poop at first, but, at some point I relaxed and it became easier to just flow with her and get her going round, and we did get a lap or two of a good, rounder canter. It wasn't perfect, but I am happy that she slowed down and fell on her behind as quickly as she did and then maintained it. That on top of the fact that she seemed happier made me happy *insert adorable smiley face*.

We did a bit of lead change work which was men, and that's where the lesson ended. I am pumped for this show on Saturday, and Fifi is taking Molly, so I asked Miss S if I could do just one itty bitty equitation class on the pony, and she said yes. If no one takes pictures of me this time, I will probably cry. I like pictures. Pictures are nice. Pictures show progress, and progress is nice, too.

On a side note, I ordered a bunch of stuff on Monday, and it's supposed to get here tomorrow. I'm so excited! Next on my list is a new helmet, a Thinline half pad, and a pair of floral breeches (these will be featured in tomorrow's outfit, but, if you're curious HKM Palermo Floral Breeches).

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