Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god; I had my lesson last night and Baby was p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Oh my god, I can't even, I am just physically unable to even . . .


Okay, so, now that I am sane, I had an amazing lesson on Baby yesterday evening. We had two perfect lead changes in a row, and I jumped 2'3". I can't believe how good she was, for the most part at least.
The start of the lesson was rough. She was being "passive aggressive"; she didn't want to move forward, and, when she finally started going, it was a slow go and I was not having that, no. So I finally get her going at a good pace and then we go to canter and she just freaks out. Picks it up nicely and then just starts booking it. I had to circle her so many times both ways.
Then, we go to jump, and now she is really revved up. We were doing trot overs and all she could think was, "CANTER! CANTER! CANTER!" Circles, again, and I was doing my best to keep my leg off of her and stay relaxed, but every time we did the circle she was slow down for the circle, and, once we started going straight again, she'd book it into a canter. I just kept circling her; I called my little corner of the arena Baby's "sassy circle" because she was being quite sassy.
At some point she settled, we did our trot over, and then we moved on to the red line (officially my favorite set of jumps). Trot in, canter out, try to land on the correct lead. Easy enough. We did it, but the lead change wasn't very pretty. Miss S put the guide pole down, and we did canter in, canter out, and oh my goodness. The strides were right, she was listening, and then we landed, and we got to the guide pole, and I just asked her, and oh my god, oh my god, oh my god . . .


She switched leads like a pro. She's so easy. It's just open the inside rein and ask with the outside leg, no fuss, she just does it. She did it one of two more times after the first. It's more difficult without the pole, but it works as a guide for us both. She's so big in her lead changes too. If you can't feel Baby do a flying change then you must have full body paralysis. She's obvious about her lead changes; she's fancy.
I think this was a great ride to get in before No Stirrup November. Please, pray for me the entire month. At least I get to finish a month of pain with my birthday. Yup, born on the absolute last day of the month, around noon, right after everyone left for Thanksgiving. Talk about a convenient baby. Pictures are ahead, but I will warn you, my lower leg was trying to run away the entire time (my patella got in an argument with my femur, and now it wants to take the tibia and fibula with it to Canada).

Double eww.
The gang is all here :)

If this is wrong, then I don't wanna be right

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