Thursday, November 14, 2013

Here's something new: Fashion Thursdays

Oh, you want it to be Fashion Fridays? Nope, sorry, Fridays are for literature. Since I am not of a mind to trust you all when dressing yourselves (the tomato . . .), I've decided to inspire your riding outfits in a direct manner. Every Thursday, I will post an outfit with a list of the items that compose it. Now, I'm not usually one to pay attention to price when I make my outfits; I simply use what I like, but if it's the look of the outfit that you like, you can very easily get that look for a whole lot less than the items that I use. T J Maxx and Marshalls remind us of this.

Most of what I put together I would consider schooling outfits that you either wear for your lesson, or a simple ride, or to a show before you put on your show clothes, so just keep that in mind. Some of the groupings could work for a clinic, but I tend to use those Horze half chaps often, and they are not George Morris approved.

First outfit. I call it "How Are Ya?" If you judge me, we aren't friends anymore. I wasn't feeling creative.

     This outfit features:

     1. HANAMI Sweatshirt
     2. Boody Boody Tank Top 2 Pack
     3. Juicy Couture Stella Gold Watch
     4. UNIQLO Women Side Stitch Belt 
     5. Rider's International Wave Pad
     6. The Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Low Rise Front Zip Breeches
     7. Circuit Premier Special DS Saddle
     8. Some tall boots
         from some tall boot website

My eyes burn at the overpricing. I hope this helps out your equestrian wardrobe!

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