Thursday, February 6, 2014

Add this to the list of reasons as to why I hate oxers

 The inescapable hell that is spreads was quick to throw off my groove and my back. Our jumping today can only be described as sub-sub-par. First off, for our first course, Baby decided to duck out on the very first jump. We got up to it right, we were going a nice pace, and then she just jumped right. Considering the fact that the first jump was more of a glorified ground pole, I wasn't having that. Nope, no reason to duck out. We went around again and I made her go over it, then we did the second jump just fine, then it was a tight turn to an oxer. I took the turn too tightly, and, long story short, those couple of strides felt like a one way ticket to Death Valley. I fell, not hard, but I turned enough to cause my back to go the wrong way, and now I'm sitting here with sore muscles. Ugh, we were doing so well for so long! The rest of the course was poopy; the second time around would have made Richard Spooner look like an equitation god. All in all, five refusals for the day. I blame oxers. 
Outside of jumping, which wasn't the focus of the lesson, our flatwork was great. Still trying to get those hands in the right place, but it'd getting better. Baby was listening to my leg well and moving out without any issues. Transitions into the canter from a walk are needing a brushing up on. Too many trot strides, and half if them were hollow. Other than that, her canter was great. She was moving forward and relaxed, but came right back down when I asked. My lower leg was right where it needed to be for the most part (it came apart during the last half of our right circle). 
I'd say I'm 50/50 about tonight. It was one of my best rides flatwork wise, but now I've got to start my damn refusal counter over again.

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