Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yeah buddy

I can do 2'6" at the show! That means that I can do the medal class this time around and not fall so behind in points! And that's another goal crossed off my list for this year! Whoop whoop!

The reason I can do 2'6" is actually rooted in the fact that we don't measure our jumps that often. On Monday, I was curious to see how high I had actually jumped. Both the brick and the oxer coming in from the left were 2'6", but they looked small so we always assumed they were about 2'0". I've never been great at estimating.

We were jumping the same stuff on Tuesday. Everything was 2'3"-2'6" except for the warm-up fences. Baby was much more together on her left lead, but she's still being sassy about picking it up and doing it nicely. I'll probably have Miss S work with her on Saturday morning because I wouldn't be able to get it in a time crunch (just not a good idea). Other than that one issue, Baby is so super relaxed and forward on the flat. It kills me. I'm so proud of her.

We did two different courses. I hit a standard twice but managed not to knock the jump down (no faults!). I was more inconsistent over fences today than I was on Monday. I think being a group lesson changes my mindset; however, I was riding 100% better than I was last week, so that's a positive sign. I've decided to just do Jr. Eq. and the 14-17 medal this year, and I think I'm gonna do pretty well. I know I still have some work to do, but I'm willing to do all that I have to do.

Love this girl

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