Monday, June 16, 2014

Is it ever not about horses?

'Course not! I spent the last half hour cleaning my boots and chaps for tomorrow's clinic, but prior to that I threw some laundry in the wash. Guess what I'm washing? Show stuff! And now, I'm writing on my horse blog while simultaneously watching jump-offs (commentary included), and that's basically what I've been watching all day. It never ends.

I was slightly bothered by the whole not jumping thing on Thursday. I want to be just a little bit prepared, so I rode on yesterday and did a figure-8 with fences. I also did the transitions exercise, and Baby was The Bomb. She was super duper responsive without being tense or uppity. The leaning wasn't as bad as Thursday, but it was still there for both directions, and she's basically saying "Eff you" to my inside leg. I've been trying to pay attention to my upper body issue at the canter, but it's hard to tell if I'm doing the right thing when there is no one there to watch me. After reviewing my videos from Thursday, it looks horrid, to say the least, but I'm optimistic that the clinician might have something helpful to say.

For the jumping, Baby was just slow and not wanting to move up. I had a teensy tiny cross bar and a teensy tiny oxer (which, when I look back, might have been bigger than I thought it was). She went oxer both of them multiple times, but goodness, it was an effort. She was grunting over the oxer, and I was afraid to take the longer distances because I didn't think she was moving forward enough. Along with that, she wouldn't land her right lead. Yes, I am as surprised as you are. She landed the left lead over the oxer all but one time. She was quick to switch to the right lead, but still, it's a wow moment.

I'd actually say she was pretty good for the ride, nothing extraordinary, but she felt good. We trot out a little bit then I walked her out to cool down. After that, I sprayed her off, put her away, and got back to work.

I think my boots and chaps enjoyed actually being cleaned for the first time ever. They don't have the out of the box look that they used to have, but at least they're black as opposed to that off gray color with arena dirt brown accents. As much as I hate to disrespect the clinician, I prefer to wear my boots and chaps as opposed to my tall boots simply because I ride differently. I like having the freedom in my leg that boots and chaps provide. I've honestly never liked tall boots. I don't quite enjoy having my leg in a capsule where my skin soaks in my own sweat and God forbid I have any unrestricted blood flow to my foot . . . but nevermind all that. I have a 2012 Hampton Classic to watch.

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