Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's what they call leg day

I had one makeup lesson for this semester since I had to skip out on the one before spring break. I joined the beginner lesson on Monday since they also needed a make-up. Of course, the relentless rain over the past week or so made for gross conditions outside, but the indoor would have been uncomfortably hot, so outside we went.

He's precious
I was on Smooch. He's an ex-hunter, and boy-o-boy does he need some leg (and spurs). He's cute though and fits right in with the other big grey geldings in my life. We did a ton of flatwork. Coach's goal for me was to just get Smooch moving forward, and he complied quite well. I had done my stretches quite quickly, but they more or less got the job done. I had some tightness to the right that I was able to work out of. Smooch was pretty good except for not wanting to pick up his right lead. It took some convincing.

I jumped a bit, just two fences in a line. We trot in the first and second time then cantered through the third time. Again, it was a lot of leg, and we get seven strides in what I believe was a five. Good pon.

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  1. Push rides are def not my fave- so much work!!


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