Tuesday, May 10, 2016

One Year of IHSA

Well, technically, nine months, not including breaks and general trips home. In this course of time, I've ridden 20 different horses and ponies. I did three shows and currently have eight points going into next year. I'm hoping to qualify for regionals, but this post ain't about the future, it's about the past (and partially the present).

September: A month of me crying to Kal because I didn't know where anything was. I still haven't dropped my lost freshman status. On my third lesson, I met Pixel for the first time, and it seems we've been taking weird distances since day one.

Love at first sight
October: Ok, this was a big month apparently. I put in a valiant effort and was actually able to have a productive ride on Vick, then realized that ponies don't like me (but Cooler is still a cutey). Sidenote: Vick doesn't do selfies. We also made the trip to watch WIHS. I had my first show at the end of the month, wherein I screwed up entirely on the largest horse I've ever ridden . . .

Just terrible at selfies
November: . . . and then threw a plot twist the next day and beasted on a small red mare. What a way to start the month. It was smooth sailing right into my second show of the semester, where Pixel packed me to second place. Also, limes.

No. 1 Lime
December: After finishing out the semester on Pixie Sticks, I was visited by my old friend, Crippling Self Doubt. Somewhere in there, this team decided that I would be good for an officer position. What faith they have in me.

After a strong finish
January: Snow pushed off the spring semester move-in date, which subsequently pushed off the first meeting of the semester. Eventually, I got back to school and was "debriefed" as an officer.

We also got free stuff, weeee!!
February: Lessons start again for the semester! I pretty much switch between Romeo and Pixel for a while, and they are both big babies. Workouts commence. The group chat follows shortly (IT'S LIT).

March: Pixel decided to be an even bigger baby and ruined my 10 month no falling streak.

World's Biggest Buttface
April: Regionals time! I also got to meet one of my favorite horse people, Ellen Shevella, who considered Pixel to be a quality animal, even if he's a pony poser.

When your squad is goals
May: Basically coasting it to the end of the year and enjoying the rather calm waters. I had my last ride of the semester on Pixie Sticks. Plans for next semester are slowly but surely coming together.

He's a babe & a half
It's been an awesome year, but I'm done riding in the cold. Time for short sleeve polos so I can show off these arms.


  1. You've had a way better year in IHSA than I ever did :) On to next year!

  2. Woo sounds like an awesome first year!! Your IHSA team always sounds like such a blast - with bonus neat ponies!


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