Wednesday, September 14, 2016

And a year later, Leia

So, last year, for my second IHSA lesson, I started out on Leia, but I was then moved onto Romeo because he was being an angry beasty, and he quickly became the love of my life, only to be replaced by Pixel, who will now also be replaced because he was sold.

Anyways, I was originally put down to ride Tiber, but then I switched onto Leia to finish what last year started. As is the norm for this time of year, it was disgustingly hot. Our lesson was filled with a lot of walk breaks in between trotting, cantering, transitions, and some no stirrup work. Leia was her normal, speedy pony self, but she wasn't too unmanageable after the jumps. We just trot a crossbar once then cantered it then we were done.

Not much to do in the heat.


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