Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Reminiscing (literally a pretty pony photodump)

So, I went for a run last night, and my phone was near dead, so I opted to use my iPod instead for music. One thing led to another, and I started looking through my gallery, digging up some old photos and videos (some of which I posted early on with this blog), including some from my first show season. Let's just say I've always been bitter about having to ride a horse before noon.

Short, cold, tired, AND bitter
Twix w/ her old owner
Baby in her short stirrup mode
Still short stirrup, but looking real good
Sometimes Duke went fast
I also used to take pictures during lesson weekends, too. Two full days at the barn every other week (sometimes every week) from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and noon to 4pm on Sundays. I'm a barn rat at heart, and I hate being an adult and having to do adult things because I get minimal barn time.

Fish/Fisher/Fish Face
Splash (he had no nicknames :/)
Todd/Toddy/Toddster/Mr Todd
The best part is that now I have copious old, embarrassing photos of Izz. Yes, more embarrassing than her walking into the ocean while wearing jeans.

My fellow barn rat
When the jump is 2' but you're dramatic
Probably smart mouthing @ me
Of course, my personal favorite.

wen u try 2 b artsy but ur horse disagrees
I also have a copious photographs of Baby, partially because I used to be obsessed with having post media, but also because she's so damn cute.

Sunset Bean
Sunset Bean but zoomed in with more sass
And, of course, old courses during lessons (I'm G-A-G-G-I-N-G at these).

This is the course from the day I decided that Zoey was too much for me followed by a more daring but laidback ride a couple months later.

As a bonus, some more recent footage of Corbinator just as spring was making its appearance, and Miss J was letting us jump competition height again. 2'6" never felt so good.


  1. So many colorful ponies tho!!!

    1. Perks of riding with a Paint Horse breeder ;)

  2. It's fun to stroll through memory lane. I also miss being a barn rat

    1. I would be a little bit of a barn rat if I had a car on campus, but alas

  3. I love looking back at all the horses I've ridden

    1. I'm always shocked that there are so many considering I haven't been riding for very long.


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