Sunday, July 28, 2019

Spoke Too Soon

So, true to her nature, Fate had a different plan for me this summer than intended. Since my last post, I have ridden four times. Two of those rides happened yesterday. While I am disappointed, it's also worth noting that moving over a thousand miles to a different city took most of my attention over the past two months.

I had two lessons in June. The first was on Dori where Coach S threatened to fix my wrists if I didn't fix them myself. My wrists have been a problem since I started riding Molly, but my trainers have yet to use threats as a solution. I'm embarrassed to say it worked. Makes me think about my hand position with more consistency.

No media from this lesson, so please enjoy me embarrassing this horse because
we have the same name
For the first time in a while, Coach was having us try some lateral work, which I am all for. After dealing with Roman's need for a slower paced canter set up, I started to use a basic leg yield more and more in my warm ups. School horses are all too used to plodding along the rail, and simply asking them to move towards and away from the fence makes them much more supple. Pro Tip if you're still riding lesson horses: leg yields, serpentines, and circles are your best friend.

Absolute heathen
I'm still slowly building my right side back up. Part of getting into a workout routine was to help build that strength and maintain my balance. Dori was fairly compliant, but it was clear that my balance was giving her some mixed signals. Squats, jogs, and lunges have always been the most helpful as well as general stretching. Hip stretches will absolutely be Miss El's legacy in my life.

He received a Bachelor's in Cuteness. Graduated with Honors.

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  1. Fingers crossed you find a new barn soon and can get back to regular riding!


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