Monday, September 16, 2019

(Mis)Adventures in Leasing - Part 6

Yeah. We're doing this again.

One of the dilemmas for me as the move approached was trying to figure out what I wanted to do horse wise. It was a minor dilemma until all the big dilemmas were settled, and then it became the only thing on my mind. Unfortunately, I became so overwhelmed with the thought of driving to a new place that I sat around for days and refused to contact anyone. I'm a real, grown, well adjusted, adult human woman. I promise.

On the bright side, I came into this leasing adventure with a more solid idea about my budget, both time and money wise. I posted in some FB groups and straight up asked for a not fancy cheap or free lease because I have no intentions of showing or doing anything too serious while I'm still in school. Of course, I did get people recommending show stables . . . and an offer that was almost the cost of my rent . . . and another one that was well beyond my rent . . . but that's life, eh?

After many PMs, comments, searches, and phone calls, I ended up with three to try out. One hunter mare, one jumper gelding, and one retired GP gelding.

I'm exhausted.

I hate adulting memes, but I hate being an adult even more

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  1. The hatred of being adult goes on for a long time, maybe forever lol


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