Sunday, July 20, 2014

Actually did qualify this time

Yes, I can say with certainty that I did qualify for the medal finals! I'm so excited! The course had some bumps in it. I missed my strides in the line, then got a weird distance to the second fence in an oxer to oxer rollback (yes, there was an oxer to oxer rollback). Neither of those looked pretty equitation wise, but we got over everything.

I was a bit worried in the morning because Baby just wasn't going well. She was rushing on the flat and over fences, and I was struggling to stay with her. There was another schooling break a couple of divisions before the medal and Junior Eq., so I schooled then, and she was still fast. Izzy highly offered to watch me school and help out. I went around and over a couple jumps, and she was still running, so Izzy had me stop for a minute to relax and then had me do just a line. My strides were off, but that was because Baby went through it much slower and more relaxed. I came back to Izzy and she had Mr do a bending line which was amazing. Then I had to practice that oxer to oxer rollback. First time was eh. I came in nicely and got ass cost add I could to the first jump, but then I took the turn too sharp, and Baby slipped in the back. Thankfully, we stayed up, but I didn't even try to go over the second jump. Izzy explained that I should use the nearby jumps as a marker good where to turn, so I did  the rollback two more times without a fault.

I didn't place in Junior, but the second course and the flat weren't bad at all. The first course, which was the easier of the two, had me looking plain stupid. I don't think I got a single good distance. Everything was just off, but the second course, which was the same as the medal, was much better. Got every distance except for the last fence. Funny story, I finally got my butt back over the second to least fence and supported through my core, but the course ended with a bending line. I was so in shock (and slight pain because suddenly engaging your core over a fence is subject to cause some soreness) that I wasn't really paying attention to the next jump. Baby slowed down, and we got too far from the second fence, but I wasn't ready to take a long distance, so I asked her for another stride, and we ended up doing a skip over and knocking the back pole. Otherwise, it was a great course, and I probably would have placed if not for my painful epiphany.

The flat class was good, but then the judge asked us to drop or stirrups at the posting and sitting trot. Yeah, we were not going to place in that.

Today, Baby was a bit heavy and forward to school, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. I haven't shown yet; we're still in waiting mode.

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