Thursday, July 31, 2014

Product Review: Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Glove

I've personally found that I end up liking most of the products I buy horse-wise. Even the cheapo items handle my abuse pretty well, but, while I like most items, there are only a select few that I absolutely love. These gloves are one of the select few (and my half chaps are and a I would do a review but they were discontinued).

I never really thought about wearing gloves at home until I suffered, er, I mean, took those lessons with Miss E. Now that I'm actually riding on contact and have steady weight on my hands, that one area on my ring finger has been torn up quite a bit. The skin isn't like it used to be, and I still actually have discoloration from last summer (whoa, it's been a year already).

On Instagram, I happen to follow a lot of companies, one of which is Noble Outfitters. They repost pictures of people who use their items. They, along with another biggish account that I follow, were going crazy over these Perfect Fit gloves that they sell. I was needing another pair of breeches, and Equestrian Collections also sold the gloves for $20, so I said, "What the heck," (I didn't actually say that, it's just a phrase), and I threw the gloves in the cart too.

The first ride
About a week later, the gloves showed up. They're nothing amazing to look at; I just bought some inexpensive, black gloves. I tried them on, and, honestly, they should be called the Almost Perfect Fit gloves. The only part that doesn't sit right is the thumb, and it's only on one glove. Otherwise, the fit was actually perfect.

However, these were meant to be riding gloves, not wear just because your hands felt exposed gloves. I've had these gloves for over a month. They have seen multiple rides and one show. No matter what time of day it is — whether the burning heat of noon or the coolness around sunset — my hands DO NOT SWEAT in these gloves. Not at all, not one bit of sweat disgraces my palms, knuckles, or any other part of my hand. The top layer is thin enough that my hands can breathe, but you can't see through it. The bottom side is reinforced, so that one area of my ring finger sees no damage whatsoever.

There are even more colors to choose from
I actually forgot to put my gloves on for one ride, and I regret that pretty quickly. These gloves are like a second pair of skin. They get the job done and get it done well. I'd say, due to them being thinner, that they're not suited for cold weather riding, but, if you're in a warmer environment or need something to get you through the summer, these gloves are something to consider.

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