Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm Blossoming: My First Ever Giveaway

Yes, it's here, my very first giveaway, ever. After some careful thought and planning (and some help from my friends), I have put together a giveaway that I hope will be appealing to a good number of people. This giveaway will have three prizes, two basic prizes and one bigger prize. Anyone can enter. Along with their prize, winners will receive a "Congrats!" post on here, and the winning tumblr and Instagram users will receive a "Congrats!" post on their respective networks.

There are three categories, and they are as follows:

Instagram Drawing:
Enter on Instagram and have the chance to win a mint green saddlepad from Dover Saddlery. To enter, simply go on my Instagram (@burnalltheoxers), repost the giveaway photo, hashtag it as #ambitiousgiveaway1, and that's it. Your username will be put into a helmet (mind yo melon) for a drawing. If you don't want to defame your account with a giveaway repost, you can also DM me a funny joke, and I will notify you that your entry has been received. I'm not kidding, senior year is not fun. Please, make me laugh.
tumblr Drawing:
Enter on tumblr and have the chance to win a set of three, handmade bridle charms. To enter, simply go on my tumblr,, and reblog this post or message me a funny joke (plllleeeaaassseee). Your username will be put into a helmet for a drawing. If you do not like these particular charms, I have a couple more that you can pick from, but they are longer.
Grand Prize Trivia and Drawing:
To have a chance at winning the grand prize, you will have to answer the 10 trivia questions below. If you get all the questions right, your name will be put into a drawing (still from a helmet) to receive a "Show Essentials" Tote Bag. You can send in your trivia answers (with each answer clearly showing which question it corresponds to) to, or you can DM the answers to my Instagram or inbox them to me on tumblr. I will make sure to notify you that your entry has been received.
Answer all of the questions correctly, and you’ll get your name put into the drawing for a chance to win the Grand Prize. The name you put on here will be the name used to announce you as the winner. If you win, you will be contacted first through the email you have given here, then through social media. Remember, you may only enter once. Best of luck!

1) What is a baby horse, in general, called?

2) How many feet does a horse have?

3) Name one difference between an English saddle and a Western saddle.

4) What do you call an adult, female horse?

5) Name a discipline.

6) Name a horse breed originating in the United States.

7) When riding, one goal is to ride a horse round, in other words, from _______ to _______.
a. head, tail
b. back, front
c. China, Mexico
d. relaxation, resistance

8) What is one consequence of poor saddle fit?

9) Name a type of bitless bridle.

10) What unit is used to measure a horse’s height?
I want to make it clear that you may enter all three categories, but you may not enter a category more than once. If you try to, you will be disqualified. If I do not notify you of a received answer, feel free to pester me. I forget sometimes. Unfortunately, I can only ship to the United States (but I already have the next giveaway planned which will ship to most countries). The giveaway ends December 15th, 2014. Winners will be notified on December 17th, 2014, and if they do not respond within 48hrs, a new winner will be picked. Winners will be announced on December 20th. Best of luck to all of you!

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