Monday, October 13, 2014

Oh, can't a girl dream?


My Instagram bio lists that I am an entrepreneur, which is true; I am an entrepreneur, just a dormant one. I've always been interested in starting a business and business in general. My mom started her own business, so it's in the genes.

Here's where it get tricky for me. I genuinely want to start my own business outside of having my own lesson/boarding/training barn. I want to have my own line of riding apparel (no surprise), and, recently, I've been pondering over some design ideas. My ideas are half based on my own personal style while the other half is based on things that frustrate me within the equestrian world. Some of my current ideas are as follows.

- Crystal buttons
- More belt loops
- Breeches with elastic leg bottoms
- Double back saddle pads (you know, with the fleece on the bottom right under the saddle)
- Breeches that look like Tailored Sportsmans but aren't
- Prints (stripes, tribal, paisley)
- Breeches with elastic leg bottoms
- Fun looking pull over sweaters
- Thermal shirts, socks, and tights to layer
- Puffy vests
- Chevron polo wraps where the chevron is actually centered on the thing
- Chevron polo wraps with matching saddle pads
- Show shirts with sweetheart neck lines
- B r e e c h e s w i t h e l a s t i c l e g b o t t o m s
- Lace
- Fancy half chaps
- Eccentric colors
- Shirts and sweaters with thumbholes
- Lightweight riding tights
- Insulated winter show shirts
- Fleece headbands that Velcro onto helmet liners

Boots wise, there's so much variety in what people like that I wouldn't venture too much into it. I would like, along with a few basic pairs of boots, to have a signature tall boot with laces that go all the way up to the knee (but there would still be a back zipper because boots that lace up to the top but don't have a back zipper anger me more than breeches that don't have elastic leg bottoms). It'd look kind of like these.

Maybe I'd make laces that can be switched out. I also kind of want to do a polo style boot, but SmartPak has me beat with that. I dunno, it's all ideas for now. I might pursue this after I'm out of college and actually have time to do things. Time will tell.

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