Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gosh dang ponies

Gosh dangit I am so darn diddly done with ponies.

Chestnut gentleman on the cross ties
So calm, so easy to tack up, so friendly until you get on, and then they're quick footed demons. Funny enough, Cooler is an ex-WP horse. Funny thing life is.

We did our normal warm-up, this time with even more no-stirrup work. The posting felt better, and my seated canter is feeling a lot better as well. Just trying to be less stiff and just go with the flow, if ya know what I mean. Cooler was forgiving to a point, and that point was my hands. We had a couple of just gross moments with each other, but we worked through them (kinda).

Part-time sweetheart
We did quite a few jumping exercises, even with only three jumps in the ring. The turns were super tight, and I did struggle, but Coach was very encouraging, and they did get better as I went along. I've noticed that I come up too soon over smaller jumps because I'm so game for the next fence (I'm a jumper on the inside, call me the eq reject). It's more fine tuning and paying attention in general.

Full-time HEATHEN
I did get a short video of the last bending line cause Kal is the second best person ever (Dia is the best, always the best).

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