Friday, October 9, 2015

Living la Vida Victor

Because it is Victor's world and we are all living on it at his will.

"Fear me"
Remember what I said earlier? About being excited to try riding Victor again? No? Good. Neither do I. My stomach dropped when I read the horse assignments for this week. The tack up process wasn't made any easier by the fact that his bucket of grain was sitting in the aisle right next to the cross ties. The ding bat decided that putting on the bridle and running martingale should be as tedious as possible. Such a lovely animal.

Disagreements continued on the walk to the ring because God forbid he not get to graze while I'm attempting to mount up. His trot is still an up and down stride that his hard to post and nearly impossible to sit. After half a lap of useless half halts and trying really hard to relax my hips, Coach S just apologized for his gait and said that his canter makes up for it (tbh, it does).

We had a couple of moments of complete separation. I still don't like it when the pons go fast, and no amount of telling me to sit will make it possible for me to sit. The downward transitions were 100% better, though, and we still didn't break gait.

When we got to the jumping thing, it started out with an ugly distance and a questionable style, but it eventually evolved into planned close spots and a relaxed rhythm. We even got to jump into the ring (jumps along the fenceline). I'll consider that another cross country experience.

So, yeah, it came together. It took an hour and some internal screaming, but it happened. On the downside, Vic isn't great with selfies.

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  1. lol my mare is equally fail-tastic with the selfies... glad the lesson came together tho! i used to be *terrified* of jumping in and out of the ring through the fenceline... it's actually pretty fun tho!


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