Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Ironies of Exercise

Believe it or not, I'm still on that fitness thing. I started piddling back to my old ways around finals week, and I temporarily settled there once I got home. In my defense, I started working for money again, and then we went on vacation a week later. Who works out on vacation??? . . . Well, my sister did and asked me multiple times to run with her.

photography > exercise
Anyways, enough self dragging. It was probably a message to the team group chat (which is still going on, y'all, we shared pics of our dogs the other day) that got me back into the healthy living mindset. At first, it was just running for 25-30 mins, then it was running for minimum 30 mins, then I started doing abs again, and last week marked my first arms day in a while.

Needless to say, my body has undergone some changes since the first team workout in February, but some haven't been quite what I expected. For example:

    - My legs, calves, and arms have all grown, and none of my pants or shirts fit like they used to. I'm
    probably going to have to move up a size in pants. The gains are real.

    - I was dumb and never worked my triceps as much as my biceps, so now the bis are on a 15lb
    while the tris are still on 5lbs and shaking with every rep.

    - It was until after my hiatus that I started getting joint pain, both in my knee and my hip (lmao
    guess which hip????).

    - I'm so sweaty from the rest of my workout that I struggle to do my concentrated curls because

    - While I had originally started working out in order to improve my riding, the constant soreness
    has weakened my half halts, and I have to half halt a lot.

    - On the topic of soreness, I did weighted lunges and squats the other day, and when I tried to do
    Russian twists the following day, my ass was too sore to bear weight. I had to do bicycles. I hate

    - On the topic of bicycles, I managed to do 50 in a row without stopping (FINALLY!), but I still
    hate them.

    - I still don't have abs.


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