Sunday, June 26, 2016

Maximum Leg

The weather held out, and I was able to get out to meet Max and his owner on Thursday. She keeps Max at a private place about 45mins from my house. It's a short distance to drive for a barn that is essentially quiet 24/7. I am disgustingly particular about alone time.

Anyway, some things about Max. He's a draft/QH, small and wide with some solid conformation. I'm not kidding you, this horse is well balanced front to back, left to right, with good bone and a sane head on his shoulders. Through some funny chance, he landed with his current owner who has had him for about two years. At age 14, he's still trucking along and has plenty of spunk (as I soon found out).

For the most part, he's behind the leg. It takes an effort to get him working, and I definitely have my work cut out for me. My goal by the end of the summer is to return him to his owner in equal or better condition, preferably better (for the sake of my own ego). He went around on Thursday pretty well. We have issues with staying up through the corners and on the rail, but that'll get better as we go along. Of course, I'm still unbalanced, so doing anything with my right leg was nearly impossible. He gets his leads and responds well to voice, jumps well too with very little rush.

His owner seemed pleased with my riding (and even complimented my equitation, like, wow), so now it's just a matter of signing the appropriate paperwork.

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  1. He is super cute - sounds like a promising summer project!!


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