Tuesday, June 21, 2016

So I was supposed to ride today

but I didn't because . . .

at 5pm, no lie
We scheduled this ride a week ago. We planned ahead. But nOoooO0Oo0ooOOOo, Mother Nature just has to have her way. I was supposed to ride around 6pm but got a text from Max's owner 3pm saying that it was looking kinda iffy outside (sidenote: I don't have windows in my office, so I don't even think about weather). We rescheduled for Thursday, and at the time I was giddy. No issue with the date or time at all, works for both of us, not too far off from today . . . but then I looked at the forecast.


Those AM showers better stay in the AM before I curb stomp a rain cloud. I haven't ridden in over a month, and I'm a bit antsy, to say the least. Plus, I'm mad because I had my posts through this week planned out around that ride, and now I have to change things up and re-organize. I guess it's appropriate; I am trying to make changes to this site itself. Yes, I'm changing the theme again. I put website design as a skill on my resume, but there hasn't been a day in this blog's existence that I liked the theme. Never.

another tacky thing from Redbubble that I want

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