Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Attempting breathing

Breathing is not some wild concept, and yet it's one of the things that I struggle to do consistently. It's partially because of anxiety but there's also asthma to consider.

Anyways, sitting trot & breathing just don't tend to mix for me (while we're here, I don't breathe during Russian twists either). I rode Carlos in my lesson last week, and while he's an ok ride, he does make me a bit anxious. The breathing was an attempt at making the ride go a little bit smoother, and it did. Next step is to, like, keep breathing.

Miracles are possible, but they don't appear in one lesson. I did get stiff at some point, so our canter wasn't as good as it could be. His transitions are getting better and more relaxed. When we went to jump, he was more forward than usual, so I got even more tense. He was fine to bring back down after the jump, but I'd prefer the distance not get closer at an exponential rate.

Carlos' training bra
I swapped on to Blake after Carlos and we popped over the same two fences. It was ok but could be significantly better. I'm feeling more comfortable over the fence, but there needs to be some finessing overall. Good thing I only show on the flat during the school year.

Leaving me in the dust

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  1. Ha Charlie says it's a muscle shirt not a training bra ;)


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