Friday, February 10, 2017

Oops, I did it again

See, I told myself that I would try to keep up with posts once the semester started but, HA, nah. Fortunately, this isn't as bad as the fall when I posted all of five times in September, and they were all clustered into a short time span. I did put an effort in this time around and scheduled posts. Trust me, I'm trying.

Anyways, per the vlog, team lessons started last week, and ya girl is not ready to lose her sanity every Friday. I'm trying to get my discussion section moved to Monday or Wednesday instead so I can actually make use of my Friday mornings.

The Great Lochness
Minus the rush both before and after the lesson, it was okay. Just flat. Laid back. Lots of swapping. I'm blessed to only have three other people to ride with this semester. Things are looking bright.

I started on Nessie who was fun just slow. Chestnut mare could not be bothered. Then I swapped onto Cooler who was a hot head as usual. Carlos was having a time and near ran off with me. Never have I ever relied so much on the outside rein. I finished on Blake who was in such a nice mood he gave me the Good Canter™.

Also gave me sass, but ok
After the lesson, I took my butt to studio and got hashed out by my TA again. I had my fourth desk crit on Monday, and while each one gets better, one starts to wonder if the buildings are worth it.


  1. Oh man hectic schedules are the worst. Love that the ponies are doing well tho! Carlos's sass reminds me of the view from Charlie when we try to canter lol

  2. Swapping horses is so good for you as a rider, but SO HARD.


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