Sunday, January 19, 2014

MD Horse World Expo!

I spent my day having loads of fun at the Maryland Horse Expo! Miss S, a few students, and two parents drove two and a half hours to Timonium to see the expo this year. Honestly, it was worth it, although I only watched the Parade of Breeds and a Dressage to Bridleless Jumping demo.

I watched part of a hunter clinic, which was probably the most informative. I can't remember who was teaching there clinic, but it was the easiest to understand because I had my own background knowledge, and the riders' mistakes were quickly pointed out, explained, and corrected. They were in a fairly tight space, but all of them managed to do 2'6"-3'0" course very nicely. They also had some gymnastics set up that we're going to try putting together in the indoor for the remaining time that we have to slave away in there.

I greatly enjoyed the Dessage to Bridleless Jumping demo. That wasn't even the focus of the whole thing, if you ask me. The title itself had "using psychology" added to the end of it. It was basically an equine psychology demo about the specifics of pressure and release and the uniqueness of cues. Fifi volunteered to be a horse (actually, we volunteered her), and it was funny because the guy running the thing, Angelo Telatin, was hitting her with a whip which is what I do to her, so, by default, I must be doing something right. Mr. Telatin is a coach at Delaware Valley College. I'm currently looking at colleges, so Fifi and I went to his booth afterwards. Unfortunately, they don't have my desired major, and he let me know that very gently (¡sarcasm!), but he does clinics. I got his name down, and I plan on going to one of his clinics if he has one fairly close to home. I figure that it would be more than worth it. Plus, he was wearing Animo breeches. He knows fashion. He knows. *sheds one, manly, Chanel shaped tear*
My fashion meter exploded

I love his smile in this picture
Fifi trying a saddle
I spent most of my time shopping, and surprisingly enough, Izzie found those floral HKM breeches. I was psyched, but they didn't have my size, and I didn't have enough money to buy them. They're darker in person. I ended up making away with a backpack and some show socks. I had over $60, and I spent it all. I don't even know how. Those were the only two things I bought outside of food. Well, I did take a $5 pony ride, and my pony was awesome. She was only five and a half, and she was the calmest thing. She also had a very soft winter coat. That's the only thing that I like about winter. Some horses just have the softest winter coats. However, I am happy to say that the horses are starting to shed out already. That beats fluffy winter coats any day.

 I have pictures, mostly from that one demo, but they aren't good quality at all. They're from Fifi's iPhone. I dropped my camera on my garage floor, and it dented just enough that the lense can't come out. I cried about it. I've only had that camera for a year. I used it to photograph at shows and lessons, and it's seen a lot worse than my garage floor. I guess the universe is giving me an excuse to buy the Canon that I've been drooling over. If I can't get my camera fixed, I won't mind saving up for a Canon, even a used one.

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