Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Well, that was unclimactic

I have to say, my lesson today was not all that exciting, but that usually happens when I'm the most relaxed, and that's always a good thing. Today, it was mostly about preciseness and control on the flat, then that plus finesse over fences.

I was feeling pretty good on the flat with the only issue being my hands. I've been focusing a lot on my leg, and I think that I might have to do this overdone, two-point thing that helped me get my leg back before. Baby was good too. Nice departures both ways. She was, as usual, on the forehand to the left, but she was much quicker about getting back on her behind when we did the circle. Too bad she just fell again when we finished circling. It's still a work in progress, and I hope to ride on Thursday this week, so that will be one of the main focuses.

On the plus side, her stop and downward transitions in general were fantastic. No jogging a whole bunch before getting to the walk, no having to use the verbal cue and pull back at the walk. She transitioned down from a canter to trot perfectly, and I got my diagonals every time, so I'm happy about that too. After the lesson, we did ground work, and she went from trot to halt without a single argument. I love it when the team functions well!

We did a figure 8 to work on leads today, and, by the last time around, we did manage to get both leads, but I just wasn't very consistent today. My mind was entirely focused on things that it didn't need to be focused on, so everything just ended up being all over the place. Fortunately, I was making my fair share of compromises to make sure that I didn't leave Baby with a sore back and mouth (I hope).

Honestly, while today wasn't super exciting, it was a good ride overall. There was a lot less tucking the nose in, Baby didn't raise her head when I tried to bridle her, I was relaxed, I was calm, and we had a bonding moment afterwards. All in all, a good ride and a good day, but that's what we tend to be gifted with when we ride a good horse.

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