Monday, January 6, 2014

ROFL: Ridding Of Faulty Leads

Oh yes, that was my perplexion today, my leads. Actually, it wasn't even my leads, it was my lead going from the white diagonal to the colored line. That was the only lead issue.

Today's ride was a bit longer than usual. We started with the basic walk and trot. We've been having some serious back and forth weather here. It snowed one day, then it was a rather toasty 40ºF the next day, then it was 60ºF the day after that with a major overcast, then it poured like crazy today, and they're calling for snow and record lows tonight. Welcome to the east coast. Long story short, with the rain today, Baby spent the whole day inside, so of course by the time that I was ready to ride at 4pm, she was ready to go. No biggie, she wasn't crazy (kinda), and she wasn't being too sassy (okay, that's a lie), and her left lead was manageable (I think I just broke all the seven deadly sins with that statement). Miss S had us do a gymnastic to work on stride length. We were on the left lead though, and I haven't really worked on that left lead lately, plus Baby has got this idea that leg always me go now, so the shortening wasn't very pretty at the trot or canter, but the extension was perfect!

Moving on, we did three courses today, all the same course, but the first and second times were cross bars, then Miss S raised the jumps for the third time. Our courses were actually pretty good. I'm still consciously fixing my equitation over fences, but it's becoming easier to think about along with everything else I have to pay attention to over a jump (this is another rant for another day). I can't remember if it was the first or second course, but on one of them, I kept getting a lot of long distances, and I was left behind significantly. On the last course, however, there wasn't a single missed distance, so I'm patting myself on the back for that one.

Now, for the leads. I just can't; I literally cannot. We all know that Baby is not fond of her left lead, but she took it to a whole other level today. No horse enjoys having their face pulled at, but she just took it today, plus a heavy seat, and she only switched after I finished my third course, and Miss S had me do the diagonal to the line again. The odd thing is that she is a lot less pissy about picking up the lead, and she isn't falling on the forehand and rushing nearly as much even without me having not worked on it very much recently, but she still had to have her moment of triumph and refuse to switch the lead. Excuse me, but, no. Absolutely not. Baby, I know that you can pick up and maintain that left lead to the point where I feel like I am sitting on a marshmallow that's been doing advanced yoga for four years, so don't mess with me. I give you lots of treats and hugs, and I tell you that you're pretty. You have to at least give me some kind of credit for that.

I love Baby, I really do, but just that one bit of attitude today didn't make me very happy. At least we did get it on the final try, and I am still very optimistic about show season this year. The days are getting longer, and spring is getting closer everyday. Tonight better be the last snow before those 60º days start showing up for good.

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