Saturday, November 21, 2015

Alright, I think I've figured it out

There's a strange combination of things that I need to do in order to not be nervous at horse shows, including but not limited to:
- doing dishes at 11:30pm the night before
- not cleaning my boots
- re-enacting the mating dance of the bird of paradise
- large amounts of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
- tbh Erin's cooking in general
- Fall Out Boy (obviously)
- threatening to fight Kal enough times that I'm actually kind of serious about it
- cruddy Naked juice knock offs
Again, that's just a few, but if you're the nervous type, I'd give some of these a shot.

We had our home show today, and it went hella smooth. Started a half hour late, but still ended around 3:30pm, and we were out by a little bit after 4pm.

Me, the awkward yellow lime, posing with the team
I think part of the reason I wasn't super nervous about this show is because I was in a familiar place with familiar horses. Of course I'm not gonna be nervous . . . although the dancing was definitely a stress reliever.

I pulled Pixel, the wiggly green pony that I've been dying to ride again. He wasn't too pleasant as I was getting on, practically having a panic attack outside the ring. Finally, we get in there, and suddenly he wants to back off my leg. Dang ponies. For the most part, it was a good ride, although the sitting trot was more of a "sitting" trot, and yes I leaned into my canter transition, and he may have been running off at the trot at one point. Still, I placed second.

And of course that photo is the final outcome of many failures because, again, Pixel has no concept of standing still.


  1. Awesome, nice job! IHSA is so much fun, glad you are getting out there and enjoying it. :)

  2. woo congratulations! love the ribbon pic outtakes too lol, and fwiw large amounts of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins can fix almost anything


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