Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Going Old School

It's been years since I've successfully made a drawing by hand, mainly because 1) I always had computer programs at my disposal and 2) nothing can motivate me to get hand cramps. Nothing. Absolutely nothing . . . except not having computer programs. I caved fairly early in the year and bought some graph paper and a binder to keep all of my new nonsense in.

So here's the first design of the year. You likely can't read most of it, but that's one of the limitations of hand drawings. I promise to do better next time.

Its got five stalls total, three 16' x 16' and two 16' x 20'. The main breezeway is your standard 12' wide. The front wall is where are the necessities are: feed room, tack room, wash stall, and an office (okay, not quite a necessity, but it's there). Above these rooms is the hay loft, hence the steeper front side slope. Don't ask me how you get the hay up there. I was getting frustrated, and my hand was cramping hard core. I wanted to be done.

It's meant to be somewhat over the top, which can be seen in the picture that inspired it.

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