Monday, June 26, 2017

Hard Liquor

On the same day I rode Roman, I also rode Vodka. Yup, two green horses in one day after not riding for six weeks. I have 0 regard for mine own well being.

I made a mistake in my earlier post: Vodka is actually a gelding, and he is SUPER CUTE. He is legit small horse goals. His owner is also a college student who just doesn't have a lot of time to ride (#relatable). He was pretty straightforward. He has his basic leg to go and canter cues and pull left to go left and pull right to go right but he needs to take the next step in order to be show ready.

Inside hind not looking too shabby
I was actually surprised by how nicely he moves. He felt a lot like a pony when I was on him, but I wouldn't doubt that he was a bit antsy with someone new who probably felt like a large sack of melons on his back. Jumping him was a bit uncertain as we had no idea if he was ever jumped. I doubt it'd be a wild accusation to say that my time on him was his first jump ever.


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