Wednesday, June 28, 2017

More plain bays

Last horse to try was mister Hanz. He's a plain bay gelding whose ad I came across randomly in one of my Facebook groups. I want to take a moment to commend his owner for being a very kind, patient, and overall laid back person because 1) I'm a tough person to talk to and 2) her demeanor is reflected in her horse's demeanor. We spoke for about an hour after I rode because we're both nervous riders, and it's soooo nice to speak with someone who deals with the same issues but was still able to develop the right skills and be competitive.

Very eq horse
Anyways, back to the horse. Hanz is small, uncomplicated, and more or less safe on the flat. I used the provided tack, which didn't fit me too well. That combined with my relatively short stirrups and lack of muscle meant that it wasn't the prettiest ride. His owner used to teach, so she helped me throughout most of the ride, which I appreciated. He's definitely a leg ride. He also does know how to soften and give to the bit, but guess who always forgets to ask horses to actually work and use themselves??????? The video tells enough; the overall picture lacks cohesion, but it's mainly on me for not being on my A game.

There were two moments that were less than ideal. His owner commented that he's a horse that needs to see everything then he's perfectly fine to do anything you ask. Apparently, he hadn't seen a bright green decorative frog sitting behind one of the jump standards, and when we went to trot across the diagonal, he took a big jump away from it. I went on his neck, but he didn't move after the initial spook. I wasn't in a position to pull myself back up, so I just dismounted and got back on. Second event was a refusal as we went into the line the first time, which I included in the video (would have included the spook, but the clip was a bit awkward if that makes sense). I assumed that he'd be fine to go over them since we'd been in the arena and flatting past those fences the whole time, but he needed to see them again. Once he saw them, he went through it twice with no issues.

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