Monday, August 21, 2017

Isabel F deSzinay Memorial Dressage Show: Sunday

After Saturday's success, I went into the show on Sunday with the goal to simply improve on what we had the day before. With a ride time around 3:30p, there was plenty of time to work with. Also plenty of time in the morning to take a lot more pictures. I ended up clearing my SD card midday to free up space.

Y'all ever see something so beautiful it kills you on the spot?
Fi had her two tests back to back, first with Sanibel then with Roman. There were a couple of scratches, so I ended up moving my ride time up to 3p at trainer's request cause it was a long drive home.

He is, quite literally, a beast
With the down time between Fiona's last ride and mine, we got the trailer mostly packed. Then I changed, we went to school, aaaaaand it wasn't as good as Saturday. I could not, for the life of me get the horse to bend. I think it was a combination of him being tired and not wanting to be away from Sanibel, but it wasn't happening. I kept trying and trying until it was our time to go in the ring. I got him to step off of my left leg just as we were turning in at A, but that's as good as it got.

The test was rough, to say the least, but I was much happier with our stretch and free walk. Haven't looked at the report card fully, but I think we did go up in those areas. When we were done, he got some big pats, a hose off, and then we finished packing. It was a pretty silent ordeal since I was thoroughly pissed with my ride. When we were basically ready to go, I went to the office to grab my test . . . 57% BUT first place. And I got a free bottle of liniment with the ribbon.

Cute and talented!
Conclusion for the weekend: Dressage is weird, and I can't wait to do it again.


  1. I agree! Dressage IS weird but I always want to do it again.

  2. ha love the final line. but yea, day two can be rough. ppl are tired, horses are tired, it's hot, blah blah blah. seems like an all round awesome and educational experience tho - and yay satin and prizes!!


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