Saturday, September 20, 2014

Do overs?

I guess that's what it could be called. I took a little five minute "assessment ride" on Zoey, and when I say five minutes, I literally mean five minutes (okay, it could have been seven). I had to clean the pasture, and my sister was picking me up at 1:00, so getting on at 12:52 didn't give me much time. Of course, when I go to tack Zoey up, I realized that her bridle was at the other barn, and I was feeling lazy today, so I just rode her in the halter.

ROOTD: 9/20/14
ROOTD hella off point
I got on her in the indoor then started my walk up to the small outdoor by the other barn. Zoey was just out of it, head in the clouds, back looking swayed, eyes wild, ya know, your average g-raffe. We get in the arena after having our tack choices questioned, and she was not relaxed at all and just wanted to go, so I just started trotting her around. We started to the right. She was uppity and not wanting to stay on the rail. I tried to use my legs more than the reins (reins meaning leadrope), and she actually listened very well. She didn't speed up or get tense, she just moved over, which is good.

She was getting progressively calm, and, by the time we switched directions and did maybe half a circle, she just completely relaxed. Two snorts and dropped head were all I needed to make my day. I walked her, gave her a few pats and good girls, and she was calm as could be. Personally, I still felt a bit tense, especially at the beginning, but I did feel myself relax when we finished. I was back and forth for most of the ride, but we ended on a good note.

I rode her on moderate contact, and she didn't seem to mind it (no bracing or pulling). Next time, I'm going to go lighter that way when she does relax and give, she doesn't reach my hands to suddenly. I want to make sure that she is seeking contact on her own rather than just having it there all the time from the beginning. I'm also keeping her in the halter. It's convenient. I don't have to undo a noseband and do up a chin strap, no warming up a bit in the winter, no having to deal with tough as nails leather because she just got a new bridle. The halter is just a much more practical option. Plus, the hands are still an issue. I'd rather her not start gaping.

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