Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kind of getting the relax part

The sit is iffy. Tuesday was gymnastics day, and if there's anything Baby loves, it's gymnastics. We're not particularly good at them — the whole stumbling over the ground poles is one of our characteristics — but they're fun. I like them too, so I was happy to do some gymnastics for once in a long time.

I'm still trying to relax, and it's going better. I'm actually using my legs, although I still don't have complete control over them. Baby is listening better to them. I trot her a lot, not really asking much of her, just her ambling, I-guess-I'll-do-this-instead-of-eating trot. She was really nice about her left lead, except when she got near Skye and wanted to kick her, but otherwise, she was great, and she was great to the right.

The gymnastic was good every time we went through it. We had to move inside since it was getting dark (ugh, winter), and Miss S had me do a bending line. We had one stop because apparently the hay has now replaced the coop on terms of nope-ness. Again, I was trying to use my legs to push her around the bend, but jumping in itself is still a challenge for me.

I also rode Zoey again on Sunday. We took a lot of time to walk and relax, then we trot and relax, then we cantered, and she's not going to relax with that for a while, but she was great otherwise. She did, however, take lame steps, so I'm waiting until she has shoes back on before I ride her again.

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