Saturday, September 6, 2014

Product Review: Annie's Equestrienne Tiff-Annie Blue Breeches

I am a big fan of small and upcoming businesses. They tend to have more out of the box products at bargain prices. Sure, I gamble with quality, but sometimes it's totally worth it.

The Tiff-Annie Blue breeches from Annie's Equestrienne were very much worth it. I have two pairs of basic schooling breeches, so I thought I might as well go outside the box a bit with my third pair. Blue isn't my favorite color, but Tiffany Blue is the one shade that can grace any horse or rider (don't try to argue, it's true, it will always be true). Plus, these breeches had a dove gray full seat on 'em. I couldn't resist. I placed my order. Of course, I ordered them right as their shipments had stopped; the Kleppers, founders of the company, were going through stock and putting together new designs for the fall line. Nothing was to be shipped until the 29th of June. So I waited, and I waited, but, finally, $85 and nine days later, my breeches arrived (and they got that 2-day shipping from USPS, can I get a whoop whoop!).

I was in love from the minute that they came out of the packaging. Despite being an odd color, the blue isn't overly bright, and it matches very well with the gray seat. I tried them on, and for a minute, I thought my happiness was only short lived. They were quite tight around the knee, but, in reality, I had pulled them up too high.

They're cut to fit a real woman's figure (and I am a real woman even if I'm not 18 yet), so they sit very nicely when pulled up to the right height. I'd say they fit like a mid-rise breech, not too high, not too low, and the sizing is on point. They have fantastic stretch in the blue part. I'm not sure what material the full seat is; it's actually the same material as the knee patches on my TuffRiders, but it looks to me like it'll be well wearing. A minor thing that I found to be nice is that the binding around the ankle and up the Velcro closure is soft and smooth. It doesn't rub or bunch in tallboots.

So far, I've only paired these breeches with black, but that's because I've attempted to look somewhat professional both times that I've worn them. Miss El and the others at her barn liked them, so I'd say, if you're looking for a pair of sweet breeches that hug you right and won't break the bank, the Tiff-Annie's might be the ones for you.

Annie's Equestrienne also has many other fun colored breeches in adult and children's sizes. Check them out!
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