Saturday, August 29, 2015


Welp, I'm officially a college student. I moved in on Thursday, and I'm living in a triple with two awesome roommates.
The Desk; plain, but it works
The meeting for the equestrian team is on the 6th, and I’m super excited, and I’m ready to do this, but . . . dues. I told my dad a while ago that I wasn’t going to be able to pay the dues because hey, poor college student. After letting him know the cost, he said that he’d pay for it no problem, but he’s been known to back out of things (not even kidding, he let me believe that I was getting a horse and then pulled a 360 once I had all the information he asked me to get, but that horse is still for adoption so . . .). My mom says to hold him to his word, but, at the same time, I just feel like it’s a lot to ask.

Bed with gross riding bag visible
The equestrian club is my other option. I knew that I was only going to do the team for a year or so due to both time and possible changes in my amateur/pro status (not entirely sure what I want to do yet). The club rides at the campus barn, and the dues are much lower, plus I can work part of them off. My dad really didn’t want me to do the club, just the team because that sounds more prestigious. The quality of instruction with the club is a shot in the dark because club members are trainers, BUT, if I wanted to abandon that oh so sacred amateur status, I could be a trainer with the ability to ride twice a week plus a monthly lesson with an actual professional versus just once a week lessons as a regular member.

Alas, it gets even more complicated. My end goal is to be a trainer with my own barn. Teaching is my dream, and while I feel like this would be a good opportunity for me to test the waters, I don’t want to push myself and let others’ riding suffer because of my incompetence. The third option regarding the team is to be an assistant trainer, but this flyer says that they receive “guided training rides” instead of lessons, so I’m sitting here like ????. If this “guided training ride” is pretty much a lesson with a fancy name, then sure I’ll do that. In addition to the GTR you have one shadow a week, and that works out perfectly. Hopefully they’re just being wordy here.

Whatever happens, I’m guaranteed to be a very smelly architect :)


  1. hm good luck. if it were me i'd try to make the team work to start out with. but regardless hope something works out - and congrats on moving in, hope you love it!

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