Saturday, August 15, 2015

You need to calm that down

I hate saying it, but Music was being an absolute mare on Thursday, and of course that attitude didn't show up until after we had 30 minutes or so of awesome, forward, soft flatwork. Too bad she was only forward because she wanted a friend in the arena with her. She got pretty speedy at the canter, which I was fine with to the left, but then Miss El had me really real her in the right, which was easy enough with a half halt, then she maintained it. We tried some sitting trot . . . and tried is about as far as we got. It's been a while.

Then we tried to jump and good Lord that was an effort, but the time between good flatwork and okay jumping was spent doing circles trying to get her to slow down because the minute I tried to get back into the trot after our walk break, she was go go go. That was another 10-15 minutes of running around then slowing down then running around again. Of course when we did actually do the first fence, she had four beautiful halts. We went through the same fiasco for the second fence, but it didn't take as long, and we had a ground pole in front. She's basically the new Corbinator.

We did put together some lines, and we finished off with a great course. I've learned that, with a good pace, she'll be one to take out a stride in lines, so that's something to remember. Also, if anyone knows of a person who can come and scream "SOFTEN!" at me while I jump, that would be greatly appreciated.

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