Saturday, August 1, 2015

Product Review: Ovation Sync Helmet

In light of International Helmet Awareness Day, I'd like to share a review of my absolute favorite helmet thus far. It's not too late to take advantage of the sales. Your melon needs minding!

For the most part, I like to keep my show gear and my everyday riding gear separate. My helmets are one of those items that I have a show and schooling category for. I also took into consideration that my show helmet was a gift, and I needed it to last, so began the search for a helmet that was both inexpensive and attractive. Ovation has always had my back on this.

from Dover Saddlery
Ovations are a step up from Troxels in price, but they're a leap in quality. I dealt with the Troxel; my time with it is the very reason that I asked for my IRH, but, honestly, neither of them quite compare to my Ovation.

The helmet itself comes in S, M, L sizes rather than your typical inches, but the dial makes this thing fit perfectly. The summers around here get fairly humid, and I sweat a lot, but my style comes with a Coolmax liner. It keeps me from perspiring too much while also being a super soft liner. The ventilation is great to have, even in the winter.

Style wise, the Sync Helmet is on point. The white stripes down the sides have just that little bit of bling that I love. Plus, it makes for great selfies.
I purchased my helmet from Dover, but it is also available at Victory Canter, Equestrian Collections, and many other fine retailers.
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