Saturday, August 8, 2015

Well she was a fox hunter

Which is very different from a show hunter. And not only that, she was the front of the pack. Half halts are going to be very important as time goes on.

Today was a jumping day/get that marching walk down day. While I understand that Music needs to move forward more at the walk, I never know how much to ask for. Miss El made sure to let me know today exactly how much to ask for, and it's a lot, but you'd be amazed how easy the trot came after the walk had some energy to it.

The canter didn't come as easily, but that's a same old-same old thing, a work in progress.

We did basic trot poles first, then added a single vertical in a bending line, then eventually put the outside line with it. Second course was the single vertical to the diagonal vertical, trot poles, then outside line. That course went so well. I almost cried when we finished. Third course was outside line, diagonal line, then the diagonal vertical. I felt myself torque on the second fence of the diagonal line (because that's what I do when I hit a long spot, have pity), but I managed to not get yelled at for it because my downward transition afterwards was both timely and soft.

For the most part, it felt easier than our first jumping attempt. The biggest issue is keeping Music soft to the fence. She rushes because that's what she's used to, no matter how big the obstacle is. My job is to stay calm and not pull. We'll get there eventually.

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  1. 'stay calm and not pull' - yep this is pretty much my constant mantra and it is SO HARD not to do!


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