Friday, January 8, 2016

Graphic Design Bug

I've been bit. Ever since I started making the decals for my shop, I've been interested in improving my graphic design skills. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that a friend got me super into it, and I've just been playing around with some stuff.

I started out with this one horse and just did some stuff to it. Things got great once I found the eyedropper tool. It's fantastic, and worked super well once I started using LGBT+ flags and couldn't figure out the RGB codes, but of course I spent a significant amount of time trying.

All (actually a very small fraction of) the gay ponies.

I started to get more into it with editing my own photos, but that's a lot harder than just changing some colors and adding a fading background.

And then I also tried to make some sort of monogram/branding/seal for myself . . . yeah, not really sure what these are, but I like them, and the colors are pretty.


  1. Love the logos! Graphic design is fun :D

    1. So much fun I made myself a third one . . . and also did a custom one for a friend . . . and also plan on doing another one for another friend.


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