Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"A Combination of Things" Barn Layout

Yeah, so this one combines a couple of different elements. If you've ever read the book "The Phantom Stallion", it's partially based off of that barn, but it's also based off of my dad's friend's barn.

It's a logical-ish set up. If I were to change it for myself, I'd remove the large storage room, and have three 12' x 12' areas, two of which would be stalls with the remaining one as storage. I would also change the 12' x 24' stall (below) into two 12' x 12' stalls with a removable partition. Depending on the climate, part of the viewing area would also be enclosed and insulated.

Yes, more detailed views are needed.

Look at that quality office with a kitchen and a desk.

Style: Double Aisle Gable
    (6) 12' x 12' Stall
    (1) 12' x 24' Stall
    (1) 12' x 16' Stall
    (1) 12' x 12' Wash Stall
Tack: 12' x 24'
Feed: n/a
Width: 232'
Depth: 112'

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