Friday, January 15, 2016

Flash Back Friday: The "Show Season"

So far, I've had two "show seasons" where the goal was to do a lot, but then that just didn't happen. The first was the same year that I started this blog. I had planned to do another full summer on my local circuit, but I think that was the year Miss S's daughter got married or something like that. Whatever happened, she was out of  town during most of the shows, so I only went to two rated shows and one schooling show.

It was a solid year. That was the summer I switched off of Duke, did my first course at a show, last year of long stirrup, and (point wise) got champion at that one schooling show . . . but they weren't giving out champion/reserve ribbons for each division.

Blame Dinkleberg for all your problems

Anyway, so why am I talking about this? Well, I found some new pictures from this show.

I used to think this was the epitome of high fashion: graphic tees & skinny jeans. Also, those are rain boots. For a while I refused to get real riding boots because they're $$$ and those were $50 off of Zappos. Don't even get me started on the helmet. We're also not going to address that right stirrup that's literally living on the edge. Tbh, I clearly recall feeling like such a boss because I schooled two horses that morning #professionalstatus

Also, here is so everlasting proof that my right side collapse is more than a riding flaw. It's a character trait.

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