Friday, January 22, 2016

A long awaited innovation

A number of equestrian items have seen significant changes due to advances in science and technology. Bridles are becoming more ergonomic, we have memory foam everything, there are girths to promote freedom of movement in the shoulder and therapeutic saddle pads, blankets, and boots.

But it seems one of the most important parts of the equation, the saddle, has seen little advancement. That's something that I've personally noticed, so this video came as quite a surprise.

Bua Saddles have come out with a custom saddle that changes the equipment from the base up. I like the design and the ideas behind it, but of course I have my concerns:
  1. As a hunter/eq rider, this saddle does not fit the aesthetic of the show ring. I'd like to see the saddle in a more traditional look with the same benefits, if that's possible.
  2. Others have brought up that the springy tree might affect how you communicate with your horse through your seat. Personally, the people riding in the video seem 100% there with their horse, but this is advertising. I'd be willing to test this out.
  3. I don't buy that it fits every horse.
That being said, I saw this video a while ago, and this post has actually been sitting in my drafts for quite some time. I felt the need to bring it back up because, believe it or not, a new, technologically advanced saddle has come on the market.

Photo from Horse Collaborative

The high end sellier Voltaire has introduced a "smart saddle" as Horse Collaborative. The saddle's flexible tree was studied by UC Davis, where they found that the saddle actually had neurological benefits to the horse. Along with that therapeutic tree, "[The saddle] can tell you for how long you rode your horse, how much time you spent walking, trotting, cantering. It can tell you the length of your horse’s stride and the course you jumped. If your horse goes more to the left or right, it will track that. It can tell you the speed you went and after you ride the same horse five times, it will recognize your horse immediately" (Horse Collaborative, World's First Smart Saddle).

Personally, I was impressed by CWD's flexible panels that allow more freedom of movement. Both of these saddles appear to be major steps forward in creating better athletes, two legged and four legged alike. All I can do now is think of even more ways to improve upon the traditional saddle design.

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  1. Did you ever hear from harmfull EMF? Did they even measure it? Horses are even more sensitive to elektromagnetic radiation than humans


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