Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Stuff!

And not pay a dime. Thank you Equestrian Trend for having an AWESOME giveaway this past holiday season. My Jade Blouse from Bellator Equestrian Style came in yesterday, and wow. I'm stunned. Honestly, the stitching alone is something to gawk over. It's flipping gorgeous.

Ignore my grandma bed sheets

First of all, A++ on the packaging. Presentation is key.

Look at that pattern. It just sparkles so easily. It goes right around the neckline. The fabric all over is so soft and smooth. It's close to your typical show shirt material, but it's thinner, silkier, and more stretchy. Quite nice to the touch.

The top button is this adorable firefly, which I'm hoping will be subtle enough for equitation, but if it isn't, I'll use it for Dressage.

The other thing is the Mondoni Kendal Boots that I received for my birthday . . . nearly two months ago. Hehe, yeah I kept telling myself to get a picture of those before I used them, but then I had a really cute outfit in mind to wear them with, and honestly it was a pretty nice lesson on Abbey, so totally worth it. You'll have to suffice with the retail pic.

I hope to do a big review of various show shirts, so let's see if I can win more free stuff!


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